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Wordle has joined The New York Times Crossword app
The word game phenomenon that is Wordle has undergone a few changes since it was bought by The New York Times in early 2022. So far, we’ve seen the game ported over to the publication's own website and the introduction of player accounts so you can take your streak with you to other devices. Now, you can finally play the daily Wordle in an app.
This isn’t a dedicated Wordle app, though, so don’t head straight to the Google Play Store to grab every app titled Wordle, as those will remain copycats. Instead, you’ll find it as part of The New York Times Crossword app that is available for both Android and iOS. This existing app now brings in Wordle alongside the service’s other games, but Wordle remains free here, unlike the other titles.
The Crossword, The Mini, and Spelling Bee are the highlights from The New York Times Crossword app, and now Wordle will sit alongside this. Wordle will still be accessible on its normal website, but you may find an app handy if you want to find it daily without navigating to the exact web page. Wordle will also sit as part of The New York Times news app as well.
Wordle remains free on both the website and through the app. You'll be asked to make a free account to access it on the app, and it'll start you off with a seven-day free trial to the whole service. To play all the NYT games, you'll be charged $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year to subscribe. Wordle will remain free even if you choose not to subscribe, though, according to the company's FAQs.
Wordle continues to be popular, with reports suggesting it continues to have over two million players a day. The New York Times has also confirmed that by the end of last month, 10% of active players have played at least 145 games of Wordle. That’s a lot, considering the game was only released in October 2021, and it took a few months for it to gain real momentum. If you're still playing, here are our best tips and tricks for Wordle.
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