Wordle goes woke: Vows to remove 'potentially insensitive words' – New York Post

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The New York Times has confirmed they are removing “potentially insensitive words” from Wordle, after acquiring the wildly popular web puzzle game from creator Josh Wardle back in January.
The publication announced the move on Wednesday, after Wordle players noted there were two correct answers to the day’s game — with both “HARRY” and “STOVE” accepted as solutions.
The conflicting solutions caused confusion on Twitter, with one player stating: “Something fishy is going on with today’s #Wordle284. My husband and I solved completely different words & both were correct? I thought the whole point of the game was that the answer was universal.”
The Times subsequently told Mashable that they had replaced “HARRY” with the word “STOVE” as the day’s correct answer as they are in the process of “removing obscure or potentially insensitive words” from the game.
Both of these are marked as #wordle284 so which one is right? pic.twitter.com/sfx5dA4Dhj
“In an effort to make the puzzle more accessible, we are reviewing the solutions and removing obscure or potentially insensitive words over time,” a spokesperson stated. “HARRY is an example of an obscure word.”
After acquiring the game for an undisclosed seven-figure sum two month ago, the New York Times said curse words such as “whore,” “bitch” and “sluts” would no longer be possibilities for the five-letter answers.
When reached by The Post for comment about what words are “inappropriate,” a rep for the Times said, “There is no specific list to share. This is something that is happening over time. For an example of an obscure word, we removed AGORA in February.”
Meanwhile, some “obscure” solutions to the puzzle have angered Wordle players in recent weeks.
Back in February, American Wordlers were flummoxed by the answer to Worldle #250, which was “bloke” — a British slang term for “man.”
Just one day earlier, players similarly lambasted the solution to Wordle #249, which was “trove” — a collection of valuable items.
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