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Your word is definitely on the list, but you will need to narrow it down first.
Since its October 2021 release, Wordle has become an internet phenomenon. Each day, the game will pick a different five-letter word that players must guess in up to six tries. The word is always the same for all players in the same calendar day, but there are no clues to start: the letters in each guess become clues, changing colors to indicate if they’re part of the answer or not.
Letters that come out green are the ones that are in the exact same position in the answer as they are the word you entered. And sometimes, even though you get one of those early on, it is still hard to figure out what the answer could be. If today you found a “T” as the second letter, check out the list below for some ideas.
By far, the letters that appear the most on the list above are “A” and “S,” which means they are also probably the best to start your next guesses with. Aside from “STYMY,” a word with no vowels, most of them should have one or two vowels, but it’s not worth spending one full guess to figure out what it is. Instead, try to spread them over a few guesses, mixing with the most common consonants.
One of your best strategies now should be elimination, so avoid re-using letters that you already know are not in the word, such as the ones that came out gray in previous guesses. Use the list as reference for what combinations you might find, and try to gather as much information as you can.
If you’re still unsure and don’t want to wait until Wordle resets at midnight local time, you can always look up the answer to today’s puzzle.
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