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Minecraft Championship is a tournament aimed at content creators. It brings many of the largest and most beloved people in the Minecraft community together to duke it out through a series of team-based games. The latest of these events, MCC 24, took place on August 20, 2022.
And while it may be unfortunate, not every player and team can come out of such a massive tournament a winner. Detailed below, however, are those who can say that they won the day, claiming the title of Minecraft Champion 24 victors on their own.
The Winning team for the event was the Yellow Yaks, consisting of Dream, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, and GeorgeNotFound.
This was Dream’s fifth MCC canon event victory, placing him amongst only two other competitors in the history of MCC to accrue five total victories, the other two being Sapnap and HBomb94. Dream also ranked second among all the individual contestants for the contributed coin count.
This was BadBoyHalo’s second MCC event victory, with his prior victory as part of the Pink Parrots in MCC 16, where he was also paired with Dream. Like their victory in MCC 16, the Yellow Yaks did not win outright via their points. They came second in points but managed to win during the DB rounds, claiming the title of victors over the Orange Ocelots.
Skeppy is the odd person in the group, having the least amount of experience with MCC. He was supposed to play in MCC 2 but overslept and missed the event. He has only played in two events, MCC 14 and MCC 24. Only time will tell if this victory was a fluke or if they will be a power player for future events.
This is GeorgeNotFound’s third canon victory in MCC. Their other two victories were back-to-back victories in MCC 11 and MCC 12, though they were also on the winning team for both non-canon MCC events, MCC All-Stars, and MCC Pride 2022.
BadBoyHalo, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound were all paired up for the non-canon MCC All-Stars event, where the trio and SapNap claimed victory. After counting these non-canon events, Dream has the most victories, sitting at a solid seven.
While the winning team naturally gets most of the glory in the immediate aftermath of the event, there is one other player that deserves to share in that spotlight, at least partially. This is an individual player with the highest rank, determined by how many coins they can collect for their team as an individual.
The title of highest ranking player for MCC 24 goes to HBomb94, a member of the Orange Ocelots. Their team, as mentioned earlier, had the most coins but lost in the DB rounds. HBomb94 had a total individual coin count of 3251, whereas the runner-up, Dream, only had 3050.

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