Who Is Sai Naruto and How Strong Is He? – We Got This Covered

For the duration of the show, Naruto has been a must-watch for anime fans around the world. The show focuses on Naruto Uzumaki, a boy who sets out on a path to become a uniquely powerful ninja.
Fans of the show love watching Naruto and his team go off on new adventures and grow as fighters. The show’s ever-evolving new arcs and fresh characters are also a major draw, keeping viewers engaged despite Naruto‘s impressively long runtime. The constant change and addition of characters can make this popular anime hard to follow, however. The sheer quantity of characters gets confusing from time to time, and keeping up with all the names is a task in and of itself. Thus, characters like Sai can sometimes be an area of confusion, particularly for new fans. Even longtime viewers of the series may find themselves with questions about this fan-favorite character.
Sai, much like Naruto, is also a Ninja who was part of Team Kakashi and joined Team Seven as Sasuke’s replacement. Even though he is a ninja, Sai has a rather awkward personality and is very clumsy — a particularly odd trait, given his ninja background. Once Naruto and Sakura start to trust him, however, Sai works to come out of his awkward shell and befriend his other trainees.
Unfortunately, communication is not Sai’s strong suit. He is, however, an incredible artist with an impressive amount of work beneath his belt, and he well earned his place in fan’s hearts after he saved Naruto from an attack by Sasuke.
Sai is a very powerful fighter. His greatest ability is born of his artistic talent, however. The art he creates has the ability to come to life in the exact form he drew it in — something that occasionally comes back to bite him, but is often uniquely effective in a fight. Sai is even able to create explosives out of his drawings, lending this Naruto favorite a highly effective attack. The fact that Sai has such amazing artistic ability, paired with the ability to make those drawings come to life, makes him one of the more powerful characters in Naruto.


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