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On-field rivalry is largely promoted in the sporting world. However, these rivalries sometimes take a different shape that ends up benefitting fans in multiple ways. Similar was the case with an event involving Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady.
In the year 2020, while the whole world struggled against the pandemic, these players took a noble step to raise money for COVID-19 relief by taking part in a charity golf match.
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The match was scheduled for May 2020. However, weeks before the match, on April 24th 2020, NFL star Tom Brady made the headlines for his hilarious dig at fellow NFL star Peyton Manning, and legendary golfer Tiger Woods. Taking to his Instagram handle, the Tampa Bay quarterback shared an edited photo.
The hilarious photo featured Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson as adult golfers, along with Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods as little children. The uproarious post of the now 45-year-old read, “Never had much of a hard time beating the colts or a tiger, don’t see this time being much different…”
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The post was rightly directed towards Brady’s impressive NFL record against Peyton Manning. Scrolling through the stats, the Bucks quarterback boasts an 11-6 head-to-head record against the retired Manning.
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This wasn’t the first time that such a dig took place between the four participants. Ever since the announcement of the charity match, a handful of jibes came into the limelight. While some revolved around the NFL records and the Super Bowl trophies, others spun around golf majors. Needless to say, Brady’s hilarious Instagram post was just an addition to the pre-standing banter between the four.
The day before Brady’s post, Woods, while speaking to Golf Digest, expressed his views on the banter. “There has been a little bit of trash talk already, a little bit of banter back and forth,” he said. Adding on to it, the American sensation further added, “We like to give out the needle, and to give out the needle you gotta be able to take it.”
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While Brady took a dig at the Woods and Manning, he failed to reciprocate it at the Medalist Golf Club, Florida. Despite giving their best shots, Mickelson and Brady failed to withstand the majestic game of Woods and Manning. Showing magic with their clubs, Woods and Manning secured a 1up victory over Brady and Mickelson.
The impressive performance of Woods and Manning helped the organizers raise a whopping $20 million as charity for coronavirus relief. “It’s great, the fact that we all came together and we were able to raise $20million for those that have been so severely affected,” Woods asserted after the win.
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What are your thoughts on pre-tournament banters? Do let us know in the comments below.
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