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In late 2021, it seemed everyone and their mother was playing Wordle. The simple online word game took the world by storm in early 2022. The reason why it caught fire was that though it was pretty-straightforward word-guessing game, there were a couple killer features that elevated the game from “Oh that’s fun” to “I want to play this game everyday!”
Wordle limited you to six guesses to figure out what the five-letter word puzzle was that day. Every player was limited to that one puzzle per day and everyone played that same puzzle; making it a worldwide competition. Not only that, you could easily share your game on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Wordle burned so bright that The New York Times bought Wordle in late January 2021.
So why are we talking about Wordle on a basketball website? That’s because Wordle spawned several games hoping to catch the popularity of Wordle. There’s Worldle, Nerdle, Octordle, and Gordle (a version for the NHL). One of those was an NBA version of Wordle. Hilariously called “Pöeltl” after Austrian center Jakob Pöeltl whose last name not only kind of rhymes with Wordle but it’s not the easiest surname to remember how to spell which lends itself to a spelling game.
Yeah, it’s no “Antetokounmpo” nor is it best real money slots app, but we love the name choice of POELTL.
Though POELTL isn’t a spelling game a la Wordle, it’s got a similar ground rules. POELTL is an NBA player guessing game that allows you limited attempts (eight) to guess that one player that day. Everyone gets that same one “mystery” player that day so you’re competing against friends, family and NBA fans from around the world.  It’s a great game for fans that are knowledgeable about the NBA especially in the dog dogs of the offseason where there’s nothing to talk about except where Kevin Durant may or may not go.
What adds to the fun of the POELTL game is that it gives you hints if one of your guesses matches the mystery player’s position, or if your guess played for the team of the player you guessed, height, age and jersey number. The game also allows you to look at the silhouette of the player to help you along.

In my attempt, the silhouette looked a lot like Klay Thompson, so I guessed incorrectly. POELTL displays the similarities or matches across the mystery player’s current team, conference, division, position, shorter or taller than Thompson’s height, older or younger, and whether the jersey number is higher or lower. Seeing as he doesn’t currently play in the Western Conference, I knew my Joe Harris guess was completely wrong, but I wanted to see how POELTL returned the similarities.
In my defense, the silhouette was pretty scraggly looking and Harris has been looking like a lumberjack. My next guess of Dillon Brooks all but told me who that player was. This mystery player was a young guard on the Memphis Grizzlies. I knew who it was but his name didn’t come to me immediately. I knew his name started with a “T” and the good news is that POELTL has an autocomplete, so when I typed in “T” then “Y” it filled it out for me: Tyus Jones

POELTL was created by the DUNK TOWN podcast, play the game by clicking here

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