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Top-ranked Tennessee baseball will face off against the Kentucky Wildcats for game two of the weekend series in Lexington at Kentucky Proud Park. First pitch is at 6:30 p.m. ET, and SECN+ has the stream. 
It's a special night in Lexington on Friday, as the Vols are debuting their black uniforms. The alternate uniforms are joined with a throwback 'UT' hat. 
Tennessee lost game one against the Wildcats 3-2 in 13 innings. The Vols threw six arms and recorded only one hit in their final 42 plate appearances. 
Below is Tennessee's starting lineup for game two. 
Pitching matchup: Vols RHP Blade Tidwell (1-0, 1.93 ERA, 1.07 WHIP) vs. UK RHP Austin Strickland (2-2, 7.53 ERA, 1.71 WHIP)
Lineup notes: 
-Lipcius moves in the two hole and Ortega goes down to six for a change of pace from Thursday when the bats went cold. 
-Christian Moore starts at DH as the rotation continues. Seth starts in LF for the second straight night. 
-Blade Tidwell is starting on the mound, and Chase Dollander is likely to serve in extended relief with a potential change-of-pace option in between the two, as Dollander may be taking on the role Camden Sewell has held the past couple of weeks. 
The section below will be continuously updated with updates and the score of Tennessee-Kentucky round two. 
**There is a lightning delay in Lexington. First pitch is set for 8:15 p.m. ET in Kentucky Proud Park if there are no more delays.**
1st Inning: 
-Vols go down in order to kick things off in Lexington. 
-Estep singles to left field, but Stephenson makes a great throw to second base to get him out. 
-Harris strikes out swinging for Tidwell's first K of the night. 
-Plastiak grounds into Tidwell. Out at first. 
Score: Vols 0, Wildcats 0
2nd Inning: 
-Drew Gilbert singles up the middle. 
-Trey Lipscomb strikes out swinging. 
-Jorel Ortega strikes out swinging. 
-Christian Moore lines out to CF. What a catch from Kentucky's CF John Thrasher. 
-Oraj Anu strikes out swinging. Tidwell looks great on the mound.
-Ryan Ritter solo homers to left center. 
-Hunter Jump pops up to SS. 
-Adam Fogel strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 0, Wildcats 1
3rd Inning: 
-Evan Russell strikes out swinging to continue his frustrating weekend. 
-Cortland Lawson is walked. 
-Seth Stephenson flies out to RF. 
-Luc Lipcius strikes out swinging. 
-John Thrasher singles through the left side. 
-Thrasher steals second. 
-Rubalcaba RBI doubles down the RF line to score Thrasher. Cats up 2-0. 
-Estep grounds out to 2B. Rubalcaba advances to third with one out. 
-Harris sac flies out to RF to score Rubalcaba. Wildcats up 3-0 with two outs in the third. 
-Plastiak strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 0, Wildcats 3
4th Inning: 
-Jordan Beck draws a leadoff walk. 
-Drew Gilbert flies out to LF. Right at the warning track. 
-Trey Lipscomb RBI doubles to left center to score Beck. 
-Jorel Ortega RBI doubles to right field. Tennessee finding their mojo at the plate. 
**Kentucky pitching change: UK Jr. RHP Zack Lee (1-1, 6.00 ERA) on to pitch for Austin Strickland.**
-Moore singles to 3B. Ortega advances to third. 
-Evan Russell strikes out swinging. 
-Cortland Lawson flies out to CF to strand the pair of baserunners. 
**Chase Dollander on to pitch for Blade Tidwell**
-Anu strikes out swinging. 
-Ritter grounds out to SS on the first pitch. Great stop by Lawson and good throw. 
-Jump strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 2, Wildcats 3
5th Inning: 
-Stephenson grounds out to SS. 
-Luc Lipcius pops up to SS. 
-Jordan Beck strikes out looking. 
-Folger grounds out to SS. 
-Thrasher reaches on catcher's interference, caught stealing at second. 
-Rubalcaba strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 2, Wildcats 3
6th Inning: 
-Drew Gilbert out at 1B to p.
-Trey Lipscomb grounds out to 3B. 
-Jorel Ortega flies out to shallow left. 
-Chase Estep flies out to LF. 
-Daniel Harris reaches first on a throwing error from Jorel Ortega. 
-Plastiak grounds out to 1B. Harris reaches second. 
-Oraj Anu RBI doubles to deep CF to score Harris. Wildcats now lead 4-2. 
-Ryan Ritter lines out to RF. 
Score: Vols 2, Wildcats 4
7th Inning: 
-Christian Moore flies out to the warning track in right field. 
-Evan Russell works a one-out walk. 
-Cortland Lawson grounds out to 2B. Russell advances to second. 
-Seth Stephenson HBP. 
**Daniel Harper to pitch for Zack Lee**
-Luc Lipcius grounds out to end the inning. 
-Hunter Jump strikes out swinging on an 0-2 count. 
-Adam Fogel doubles to right center. 
-Thrasher strikes out swinging. 
-Fogel steals third. 
-Rubalcaba grounds out to 3B. 
Score: Vols 2, Wildcats 4
8th Inning: 
-Jordan Beck strikes out swinging. 
Umpires call for a delay due to heavy rain in Lexington. Two Kentucky bats went flying due to poor grips in the seventh inning. It's clear the two sides are having a really, really difficult time playing in the conditions. 
This update thread will resume when Game two resumes on Saturday at 2 p.m. ET. The seven-inning series finale will have its own separate update thread. 
**Kentucky RHP Sean Harney on to pitch**
-Drew Gilbert grounds out to 2B. 
-Trey Lipscomb flies out to RF. 
**Kirby Connell to pitch for Dollander**
-Chase Estep singles to left field.
-Daniel Harris bunts for a single. Estep to second. 
-Jacob Plastiak grounds out to 1B and moves the runners into scoring position. 
-Oraj Anu RBI grounds out to SS. Cortland Lawson mishandled the grounder to prevent him from making the throw home. Kentucky extends their lead. 
-Harris steals third. 
-Ritter bunts to p who tags Harris for the final out. 
Score: Vols 2, Wildcats 5
9th Inning: 
-Jorel Ortega grounds out to SS. 
-Christian Moore strikes out swinging. 
-Evan Russell singles to left center. 
-Cortland Lawson grounds out to 2B. 
FINAL: Tennessee 2, Kentucky 5
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