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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been progressing steadily, and fans are excited as the manga series is inching closer to the Timeskip arc. Fans got a glimpse of this period as Kawaki and Boruto were shown fighting against each other. The scene looked like it was from a post-apocalyptic movie, suggesting that many wars/fights will occur in Konohagakure.
As the series progressed, fans started thinking about how the current events in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations could lead to the village’s destruction. While the fanbase contributed to discussions by creating various theories, certain talented artists visualized elements from that time period.
Fans are going berserk as one of the artists drew the Seventh Hokage in their style, and the fanbase mentioned that he could look like this in the Timeskip arc. Let’s look at the illustration by this talented artist on Twitter and see how the fanbase reacted to this.
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A talented artist by the handle @BARBARVSAH uploaded their fanart on Twitter. This was a drawing of the Seventh Hokage, except he looks much older owing to facial hair. In this picture, he appears to be quite tired and stressed, and many fans had interesting takes on this particular illustration.
Plenty of fans loved this artist’s version of the Seventh Hokage, and some even said it was better than the design shown in the Boruto series.
One fan had an interesting take since they believed this is how the Seventh Hokage would look in the Timeskip arc in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This is because the arc mentioned above happens in the future when Kawaki and Boruto are almost fully grown adults. Therefore, the Seventh Hokage would be much older, and one way to show that is by adding facial hair.
One particular fan somehow managed to connect this particular illustration to Himawari dying. The explanation was that Boruto was destined to lose everything, which could have led to Himawari’s death. The grief would have led to the Seventh Hokage giving up on everything and, therefore, would not shave and take care of himself. This seems like far-fetched speculation by the fan, and only time will tell if this is true.
Some fans didn’t agree with Naruto being alive in that arc because of what Kawaki had said to Boruto. According to a few fans, it seemed like Kawaki insinuated that Naruto was dead. However, many fans believe that Kawaki liked the Seventh Hokage too much to kill him.
Based on that illustration, fans also stated that he looked like all hope was lost. The way this character has been illustrated makes him look tired and sad. The artist also captioned this as “A tired Hokage,” which means that this person intended to portray him in such a manner. This is a big reason why fans believe he could look like this in the Timeskip arc.
It will be interesting to see how the plot progresses because there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. One of the main concerns that people have is that Naruto could be dead in this series. As the series progresses towards the arc mentioned above, there is a sense of anticipation, which will confirm fans’ suspicions.

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