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Noah Centineo sported a fresh new appearance while out with pals in Los Angeles and it looks like the actor got a fresh new and unique haircut.
On Monday, August 22, the actor was photographed out and about in Los Angeles with his head entirely shaven. The style was significantly different from his trademark curly black hair, which admirers would know. He also looked to have a fresh tattoo of a bear painted on the side of his head. Noah, 26, appeared to be having a good time with his friends in Los Feliz. He was out and about in a black hoodie, drinking coffee.
It’s unclear whether the new, shaved appearance was for a new project or simply a change of style, but he was spotted smiling as he got a cup of coffee. Noah is actually working on many projects. According to IMDb, he will star in Black Adam as well as a presently untitled spy project from Netflix and The Diary. In several instances, the actor has transformed his appearance. While many fans will recognise Noah’s regular hairstyle, he has altered it a few times.
In March 2021, he revealed a curlier and longer-haired style, as well as showed off his huge muscles in an Instagram photo. “I have this secret aspiration where I actually want to be able to do a man bun because I’ve never done it before,” Centineo said during an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ at the time. The appearance does not appear to be part of the upcoming Black Adam film, in which Noah will play Al Rothstein, also known as The Atom Smasher. Photos of him in character have surfaced, with him sporting his distinctive curly, short hair as well as the superhero outfit.
In the movie, over 5,000 years after being given the ancient gods’ great powers, and imprisoned just as quickly, Black Adam is released from his earthly grave, ready to wreak his particular brand of justice on the modern world. While he’s certainly excited about the next DC film starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he also teased a future project on his Instagram Stories with a screenshot of the cast and creator from Netflix.
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