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We’re six months away from Tennessee baseball starting up again, but some news surfaced on Friday that should get all Vols fans excited.
Former Vols third baseman Trey Lipscomb, who was selected by the Washington Nationals in the third round of the 2022 MLB Draft, tweeted on Friday that a documentary about Tennessee’s 2022 season is in the works.

Documentary of the vols 2022 team in the making 👀
I cannot wait.
I love a good sports documentary as it is. All the little details that you learn from a documentary are always enlightening.
The 2022 Tennessee baseball team was one of the most fun sports teams in recent memory. The team seemed incredibly close, which means there are likely tons of great stories to be told.
My only worry about this documentary is that it’s too soon for it. I could see some of the participants holding back while telling stories or explaining the various things that went down in 2022.
Hopefully, though, we’ll get a lot of honesty and a bunch of great stories from this documentary.
I’m sure more details will come to the light in the coming days/weeks.
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