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Here are some ways to stay connected to what’s happening on the South Shore and with
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Stay up to date with news from the South Shore (Massachusetts) by downloading The Patriot Ledger app for your iOS or Android device.
Turn on personalized alerts to get the news you care about as it happens, from the top stories of the day to sports scores and more. also works great on your phone or tablet’s browser with nearly all of the same great features as the app. 
If you are a print or digital subscriber to The Patriot Ledger and would like to read the newspaper on your smartphone or tablet, check out the e-edition of the newspaper.
And with your Ledger subscription, you can now read more than 200 other electronic editions from USA TODAY Network newspapers around the country.  
From USA TODAY to the Arizona Republic to the Columbus Dispatch, world-class local news from around the country is at your fingertips.  
Live on the South Shore and have family in Sarasota, Florida? Well, now you can keep up with the best reporting in both cities for the price of one.  
To use the e-edition, when you sign in to your account on a desktop, go to the e-edition on the black bar at the top of the page. On the right, you’ll see a “universal” icon. From here you can choose the publications to read. You can see past editions of the newspapers, too, for up to 30 days. This access is available through the desktop or e-Edition app.  New to the e-Edition are two daily sections –– Nation & World Extra and Sports Extra. This content will be inserted into the e-Edition pages but can also be found in the Bonus section. News in these sections will not be found in the corresponding day’s printed newspaper due to the lateness of the news and print deadlines.
As a reminder, the electronic edition of USA TODAY is also available every day as a bonus section. 
Find out more here. offers a slate of newsletters, including the popular Daily Briefing, which features all of our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning.
If you’re a subscriber, look for The Patriot Ledger subscriber-only newsletter, Your Week on the South Shore, which is delivered to subscribers’ inboxes every Sunday morning. No need to even sign up.
For local sports fans, we have South Shore Sports Report, a newsletter focusing high school sports and local sports in general.
We also have a new newsletter devoted to the latest news about the coronavirus on the South Shore – you can sign up here today. It’ll be delivered to your inbox every Friday morning. 
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