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If the Marvel Universe ever learned the Eternals’ darkest secret about how they return from death, humanity would hate them even more than the X-Men.
Warning: contains spoilers for X-Men #13!
The darkest secret of the Eternals will soon be revealed to the world – and when it is, humanity will hate them even more than the X-Men and the entire mutant population of Earth. The Eternals are currently engaged in a war with Professor Xavier's group of mutant superheroes, thanks to the belief that the mutants represent Deviants in action if not in name; their ability to resurrect from death is against the natural order (or so say the Eternals). But X-Men #13 hints that the Eternals will soon become exactly whom they fight: a shunned and hated group of non-humans.
The A.X.E: Judgement Day event rages across Earth in the Marvel Universe; the X-Men and the Eternals fight a winner-takes-all battle while the Avengers desperately try to keep the peace between the groups. The war is complicated by the fact that both groups can return from the dead quite easily: the X-Men resurrect via a system involving Cerebro, five powerful mutants and the island of Krakoa itself, while the Eternals achieve their namesake through a mechanism buried inside the Earth known only as the Machine. But the Machine requires human sacrifices to work – and the few Eternals who know the secret dare not share it with anyone, least of all the X-Men.
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This status quo changes in X-Men #13, written by Gerry Duggan with art by C.F. Villa, in which the X-Men prepare to attack an Eternals stronghold. Jean Grey reaches out to Ikaris (a powerful Eternal and a rebel against his own kind) via telepathy, and the two vow to work together in order to end the war. But after the brief before the fight, Ikaris warns Jean that "There is one more thing…kill no Eternals." Jean says they'll try their best – after all, the deaths don't matter if both sides can resurrect, but Ikaris presses the issue. "If you kill Eternals, I will not help you." Jean agrees and flies off to complete her mission.
Ikaris is one of the few Eternals who understands that the Machine borrows the life force of a random human whenever an Eternal must resurrect. Despite working together, Ikaris does not tell Jean this secret; human-mutant animosity is still strong, and if Jean ever told her fellow X-Men, some unscrupulous members of the group would leak the workings of the Machine to the press. Humanity would turn against Eternals practically overnight, and even Captain America and the Avengers might choose a side (many members of the group are humans, and destroying the Machine would be the first step to preventing human deaths).
Perhaps that is the endgame for the Judgement Day event: the Eternals will win their battle with the X-Men but lose the war for humanity's trust. While the Eternals are powerful, other superheroes on Earth can fight them and even kill them. The Avengers have yet to officially choose a side in the war between the X-Men and the Eternals, but the revelation of their darkest secret may force their hand.
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