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As the Avengers travel back through time to recruit the first Star Brand, they uncover epic heroes fans have never seen before!
Contains a preview of Avengers #61!
The Avengers' final secrets are about to be exposed by Earth's first Star Brand. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, lost in the time stream, will finally face down the enormous T-Rex who was the planet's original protector as the first Star Brand, one of the most powerful cosmic forces in the Marvel Universe.
The Star Brand has a long history at Marvel Comics, first appearing in 1986’s Star Brand #1. This issue was the opening salvo in Marvel’s New Universe imprint, a new line of comics existing independent of the mainstream Marvel Universe. The line folded, and a new Star Brand, native to Earth-616, was introduced during Jonathan Hickman’s early-2010’s Avengers run. The Star Brand functions as a “planetary defense system” and takes the form of a starburst tattoo on its host. Star Brand hosts have access to a fantastic suite of powers, including flight and energy manipulation. The Star Brand has had many hosts over the years, but none more ferocious than its original dinosaur bearer.
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In solicit information shared by League of Comic Geeks, Marvel reveales the cover and synopsis for Avengers #61. Javier Garron’s cover showcases a variety of Avengers from across time and space, including several Thor variants as well as an intriguing mash-up of Man-Thing and the Fantastic Four’s Thing. These Avengers have assembled to take down the Star Brand-charged Tyrannosaurus Rex first introduced in 2019's Avengers #26. The solicitation promises to reveal secrets of various Avengers throughout history, stating their stories “can finally be told.” The issue is coming from Jason Aaron and Ivan Fiorelli.

HISTORY'S MIGHTIEST UNTOLD SECRETS! If the Avengers hope to survive being lost in time, they'll need the help of some of history's greatest heroes, from the Thor of the Viking Age to the T. Rex Starbrand at the dawn of time, plus all the forgotten Avengers of bygone eras whose stories can finally be told.
The Star Brand is the ideal hero to reveal the Avengers’ secrets, as it has a long history with the team. The Star Brand made its first Earth-616 appearance in Hickman’s acclaimed run, but it's been confirmed that Star Brand hosts have been members of the team stretching back to Earth’s Stone Age. In short, the Star Brand is warp and woof with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. While the Avengers' quest to save the multiverse has involved plenty of alternate dimensions, it seems Avengers #61 will also reach back into the past of the main universe, unearthing fascinating new heroes and adding lore that will influence stories for years, if not decades, to come.
However, the cover suggests that before the dinosaur Star Brand will fight at their side, the Avengers will have to face the god-tier creature in battle. Hopefully, the quest to recruit the mightiest Avengers of the past will turn up some gold that continues to expand the past (and potential future) of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
Source: League of Comic Geeks
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