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Thanos’ grand-uncle Uranos the Undying has been reintroduced as one the Marvel Universe’s biggest threats, so terrifying he frightens Earth itself.
The Mad Titan Thanos is one of Marvel's most terrifying villains, yet even he pales in comparison to his grand-uncle, Uranos the Undying. In a one-shot meant to reintroduce Uranos to the Marvel universe, the Earth itself admits it's scared of the world's deadliest Eternal.
The most recent run of Eternals carries a narration throughout provided by a being known simply as "The Machine." The Machine is an A.I. that assists the Eternals in carrying out their functions passed down by the Celestials on Earth. The Machine, however, considers itself an animate extension of Earth, thinking itself one and the same with the Great Machine (Earth). The Eternals, their individual societies, and their roles on Earth are all considered to be parts of the Machine, which carries an equally comedic and elegant narration throughout the story. The series has seen Thanos take revenge on the Eternals by rising to the elected position of Prime Eternal. As Thanos adjusts to his new seat of power, Druig, being the snake that he is, takes the opportunity to introduce the Mad Titan to his grandfather (and Thanos' grand-uncle) Uranos.
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Kieron Gillen, Ryan Bodenheim and Edgar Salazar's Eternals: The Heretic #1 fills in Uranos' past and shows the events that led to him being imprisoned and excluded from Eternal society. Though the issue begins with the characteristic narration of the comic series, the Machine quickly exits the story once it realizes Uranos will be a major player. The narration boxes read, "Yeah. I'm out. Sorry" as the Machine takes leave of the issue, saying, "This guy scares the %$#@ out of me" when it comes face-to-face with Thanos' deadly ancestor.
One can't blame the Machine for being frightened of Uranos the Undying. As the issue reveals the Eternal's true backstory, it becomes clear that Uranos operates on a level of terror leagues above even Thanos himself. Wanting to follow the Eternal maxim of eliminating excess deviation, Uranos posited that the only way to be a true Eternal would be to exterminate the entire Deviant race from the planet. From there, he had follow-up plans to kill all humans and life on Earth aside from the Eternals, thinking that the best way to "Protect the Machine" as instructed would be to remove all life outside of it. Thanos at least kept half of life sacred in his own war on the universe, paling in comparison to his brutally psychotic grand-uncle. Uranos, on the other hand, wanted to eliminate life as a whole, eventually planning to imprison the Celestials and raze the rest of the universe to meet his goals. Uranos' fellow Eternals only left him alive because he installed a failsafe that would destroy the planet if he died, another notch in his belt of sadism. If there's one being that commands the fear required to scare a planet, Uranos surely deserves the title.
Since Eternals: The Heretic #1, Uranos has become a major threat in Marvel Comics, obliterating multitudes of mutants on the Mars colony of Arakko in a one-hour feat more terrifying than Thanos himself. Even Earth itself deserves to fear Uranos the Undying, the most sadistic member of the Eternals – and perhaps the Marvel Universe – to date.
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