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You don’t need to plan a long gaming session like usual.
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It’s no secret that Zombies in Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the smallest Zombies experiences that Treyarch has provided since its beginnings in World at War. After waiting four months, we got our first main Easter egg quest alongside the release of Terra Maledicta in Vanguard’s Season Two. Here is how to complete it.
Before we begin, this is the most straightforward main Easter egg quest ever, to the point that you might not even recognize it as a main Easter egg quest from Treyarch. You can do this solo, or it’s very easily done with semi-competent random players in your squad. Any weapon can get you done with this well before round ten, so use whatever you are most comfortable with.
To begin, make sure all three of the beginning portals have been completed. Run to the Decimator Shield atop the crystal structure and listen to the gods talk about the shield. Vercanna will tell you to find the speaking stone near the green fountain at either round five or six. Go to East Spring and interact with the rune here. Wait for the gods to finish their discussion, and you can enter the blue portal that appears. Inside, you will have a standard Purge objective, so stand in all the runes to cleanse them.
When you get back, there are four golden crystals you need to shoot:
Above the exfil.
Above East Spring.
Directly in front of the shield.
And the last one is West Spring.
After shooting all four, energy will transfer to the shield, but it is not enough. You will be told to find the speaking stone near the yellow fountain. Go to the bazaar, and it is on the ground floor.
After the gods have another conversation, a green portal will open. Go inside to begin a Sacrifice objective after Zaballa stops talking. Just make sure you don’t go down and kill the red zombies to charge up the shield.
After the shield is charged, you are sent back to the hub. Wait for another lengthy conversation to end, and someone needs to pick up the Decimator Shield.
After the gods talk for a while again, go to Debris Field and interact with this rune. Listen to the gods again while protecting yourself and wait for a portal to open—time for the last step. Make sure you have all the upgrades you want, but don’t worry too much; it is pretty easy.
After going through the portal, you will have an objective called Void. The tome you need to grab is suspended in the air with four red strands extending from it. Whoever picked up the Decimator Shield needs to go to the end of each of those strands and use the slam attack to destroy them.
Using the slam will put it in a 90-second cooldown, so in between those attacks, just focus on surviving. The rest of the time is essentially a basic round-based match of zombies here. If you don’t want to deal with more hordes, just hold a zombie or two, and they will stop spawning.
When the eyes on your shield are glowing, slam the four endpoints of the strands, and the tome will fall to the ground. Pick it up and wait for the green portal to appear to escape, or just continue playing the Void until you die.
Once you get brought back to the hub, your weapons will automatically be upgraded to level three Pack-a-Punch, and a bunch of loot and chests will appear in front of you to grab. Play the rest of your match how you want, or exfil, you have completed the main Easter egg quest for Terra Maledicta.

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