Stock market: Settlement holiday today on account of Buddha Purnima – Mint

  • Sensex jumping over 500 points while the Nifty 50 climbed about 172 points to nearing 16,000 mark in early deals

On the account of Buddha Purnima, May 16, 2022 is a settlement holiday. A settlement holiday is a day when trading is possible, but clearing and settlement are closed for Paying and Payout of stocks and funds.
Investors’ account balance will not include the following credits on May 16, 2022 if intraday profits made in the equity segment on the 12th and 13th of May. Credits from trades made in Equity futures and options (F&O), currency, and commodity derivatives on the 31st of May. This will include options premium credits, futures M2M profits, etc. India’s debt, forex/currency markets are also closed today.
Meanwhile, stock market today opened on a positive note on Monday with Sensex jumping over 500 points to 53,332 in early deals while the Nifty 50 climbed about 172 points to nearing 16,000 mark.
Global trends, Wholesale price index (WPI) inflation data for the month of April and the ongoing quarterly earnings of corporates would be the major driving factors for the stock markets, as per analysts. Investors would also keep a tab on the movement of foreign institutional investors who are on a selling spree in the domestic equity market for the past many days.
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