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As we inch closer to the possible announcement date for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, we also hear more rumors about the foldable smartphone. The latest rumors talk about the battery capacity and Samsung tweaking the size of the phone’s inner display.
Twitter user Ice Universe stated that “The internal screen ratio of Fold 3 is 5:4, and Fold 4 is closer to the square.” They also provided an illustration (seen below) depicting the shape of the Fold 4’s inner screen compared to that of its predecessor, the Fold 3. This wider display appears to be much better suited for tablet apps, with a wider but slightly shorter look.
Fold3 → Fold4 (based on limited information, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed)
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 22, 2022

According to a new safety listing discovered by Galaxy Club, the upcoming Fold 4 will likely have a similar battery capacity to that of the Fold 3, at about 4,400mAh. This battery will probably be split into two separate cells, with one at about 2,000mAh and the other being a bit over 2,200mAh. Another source, The Elec, is claiming that the battery for the new Fold 4 phone will be supplied by LG, as well.
This could potentially spell bad news if the Z Fold 4 is packed with newer, better specs. When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, we were less than impressed with the phone’s lackluster battery life; obviously, we hope to see an improved battery capacity for the next phone. However, if Samsung intends to use new chips in the Z Fold 4, we may see optimized battery life despite the capacity staying about the same. That remains to be seen, though.
These are the only rumors we’ve gathered for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 so far, and a more square inner screen is certainly an interesting addition. Stay tuned to our rumors post for the phone, as we will continue to update it with all the detail we know so far about it until it is officially announced, likely later this year, around August or September.
via 9to5Google
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