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Queen Elizabeth II has left Buckingham Palace for the final time, with the King, William, Harry and other members of the Royal Family leading a procession to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state until Monday’s funeral.
The Times has a wrap on its paper tomorrow, with a picture of the Queen’s coffin lying in state.
The Daily Express also features a scene from Westminister Hall.
People who wish to see the Queen lying-in-state have been warned to brace for long queues and observe strict rules.
The Queen is lying in state in Westminster Hall, with the doors open 24 hours a day.
Her Majesty’s coffin will spend four days in Westminster Hall before the state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday.
Watch our live stream as the Queen lies in state
This is what you need to know if you wish to see her coffin.
 The queues to see Queen Elizabeth II lying-in-state are continuing into the night.
Westminster Hall will be open 24 hours a day for mourners to pay their respects to the late monarch.
This will continue until the early hours of Monday morning, ahead of the funeral later that day.
The line is currently snaking its way down the length of the Thames for more than two miles.
Experts are warning the public about scams claiming to be selling tickets to the Queen’s funeral.
They are also urging caution about potentially fraudulent memorabilia like coins and stamps.
Neither the lying in state nor the funeral is ticketed.
Tony Neate, the CEO of Get Safe Online, said: “It never fails to amaze and disgust me that whenever there is a tragedy, cybercriminals will inevitably use it as an opportunity to exploit and defraud people into parting with their well-earned money. 
“To do this while a nation is in a state of mourning is beyond comprehensible. 
“We want to warn the public today of this latest scam, so they can steer clear and not fall victim to this particularly obnoxious fraud. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
 They warned the scams could include: 

Watch as Queen Elizabeth heads from Buckingham Palace to Westminister Hall.
Rangers fans sang “God Save the King” before the team’s Champions League clash with Napoli, while Chelsea fans held a minute’s silence.
It comes despite the European football body UEFA refusing to hold an official tribute to the Queen before the fixtures.
Rangers’ local rivals, Celtic, were playing abroad against Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk.
At that game, there was a banner in the Celtic end insulting the monarchy, while another banner made a reference to the intruder who broke into the Queen’s Buckingham Palace bedroom in 1982.
Early in the match, there was a chant of “If you hate the Royal Family, clap your hands”.
This was despite both teams wearing black armbands.
Rangers fans used a whole side of the stadium to create a Union Flag with the Queen’s silhouette in tribute ahead of their game starting.
Chelsea supporters, and those of opposition Red Bull Salzburg, had a moment of reflection before kick-off in west London. 
A Chelsea Pensioner laid a wreath on the pitch as the teams paid their respects.
King Charles has spoken to various world leaders and Commonwealth representatives on the phone today.
The new monarch spoke to France’s Emmanuel Macron, the United States’ Joe Biden, and the Republic of Ireland’s Michael Higgins.
He also spoke to the governors-general of Australia, Canada and Jamaica.
The government is giving live updates on YouTube about where the end of the queue is for those wanting to see the Queen lying in state.
The queue is currently around 2.4 miles long, close to London Bridge and Borough Market.
The stream also advises people on the location using the What3words app – which gives every three-metres-squared space in the UK a unique three-word code.
Joseph Arujo, 18, from Los Angeles, travelled from the US to witness “this moment in history”.
He said: “We don’t really know what’s going to happen with the monarchy in the future and I think it’s really important to be here and witness this moment in history.”
Mr Arujo said he made friends while queueing from six hours, but once he got into the hall it was “a whole other experience just being in front of the Queen and seeing her casket right there”.
On the atmosphere, he said: “It was very – I would say – tranquil was the best word, it was a lot of silence and everyone almost mourning with the royal family, taking it in what was happening and realising the Queen was right in front of you.”
“Everyone almost did a little bow in front of the casket,” he added.
On whether he grew tearful, he said: “A lot of people around me did, I felt the emotions internal but, yes, it was definitely an experience being here.”
Tributes have been laid outside of the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.
Rangers are set to play Napoli this evening in the Champions League.
The Scottish team will hold a tribute to the Queen before the game, despite the European football body UEFA saying they should not do so.
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