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If you’re finding yourself a bit stuck with today’s crossword puzzle clue, there’s no need to fear. Most of these clues are easy to decipher, but every so often, you’ll run into one that just completely stumps you for some reason. Not to worry, though, we’re here to help you get those brain juices flowing as we break down the clue and help you arrive at the final answer.
You can check out the Prickly patch crossword clue below. You can make sure it’s absolutely correct by checking the letter count before you write it into your grid. That way, if for whatever reason there is a mistake, you won’t need to make a mess of your crossword puzzle. Where multiple answers are provided, you’ll want to choose the top one. This occurs when the clue has been used for multiple puzzles.
The answer to the Prickly patch crossword clue is:
The clue and answer(s) above was last seen on August 22, 2022 in the NYT Mini. It can also appear across various crossword publications, including newspapers and websites around the world like the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.
A briar is a noun for any of a number of prickly scrambling shrubs, especially a wild rose.
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