Pregnant inmate's baby died after CA jail workers stopped at Starbucks – USA TODAY

A former inmate at a California jail was approved for a $480,000 settlement last week after staff failed to get her to the hospital on time when she was in labor. 
The Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the proposed settlement for Sandra Quinones, who was six months pregnant in March of 2016 while being kept at Orange County Jail, according to meeting documents. 
The meeting recounted the complaint filed in April of 2020, which alleged the wrongful death and infliction of emotional distress in the death of her child.
Quinones, who was released from jail in April of 2016, sued for delayed transportation while in labor. According to the complaint against Orange County, California, Quinones had to wait two hours after her water broke before officers responded after hitting a distress button in her jail cell.
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Jail staff then treated the transportation as a non-emergency, and on the way to the hospital, staffers even stopped at Starbucks while Quinones was in labor. The complaint alleges staffers “made Quinones wait in the back of a van (at Starbucks) bleeding and in labor instead of transporting Quinones directly to the hospital.”
Quinones, now 34, and her baby were hospitalized before her child died. In the complaint, Quinones claimed the Orange County Jail staff acted “deliberate indifference.” She cited post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as a byproduct of the incident.
According to The Los Angeles Times, Quinones’ suit was dismissed in federal court in October 2020 but reinstated by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2021.
Messages made by USA TODAY to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were not immediately returned. 


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