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A new poster for the theatrical re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home finally acknowledges that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is in the Marvel film.
Sony Pictures has debuted a new poster for the theatrical re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home that is brimming with Marvel characters, including Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock/Daredevil.
The new poster features almost every major and minor character from the Marvel Studios film, which was initially released in theaters in Dec. 2021. The upcoming extended edition, subtitled The More Fun Stuff Version, will begin its global re-release on Aug. 31 in Indonesia. Along with the new poster, Sony reminded Spidey fans that tickets for the extended edition will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Aug. 23.
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The More Fun Stuff Version was announced in June 2022 and will reportedly include 11 minutes of new footage not seen in the original theatrical version of No Way Home. The 2021 Marvel film took place immediately after the events of 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home and followed Tom Holland's Peter Parker as he enlists the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to rehide his identity, which was revealed to the world by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) at the end of Far From Home. However, the spell Strange used went awry, resulting in Spider-Man characters from across the multiverse entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was massively successful, grossing $1.9 billion at the worldwide box office and earning rave reviews from critics.
The extended edition of No Way Home will reportedly include new and extended scenes featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spideys, who united with Holland's web-slinger for the first time in the Marvel threequel. Maguire debuted as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002) and reprised the role in the film's 2004 and 2007 sequels while Garfield starred in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man and returned for 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The two Spider-Men were not the only characters from previous Spider-Man films to appear in No Way Home though as the movie featured several fan-favorite villains from Maguire and Garfield's films such as Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx's Electro and Thomas Haden Church's Sandman. It is unknown at this time if The More Fun Stuff Version will feature additional scenes featuring the villains.
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Spider-Man: No Way Home also stars Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Benedict Wong, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei, J. K. Simmons, Angourie Rice and Arian Moayed. Tom Hardy also makes a small cameo in the film's post-credits scene as Eddie Brock/Venom, reprising his role from Sony's Venom films.
The More Fun Stuff Version swings into theaters on Sept. 2.
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