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Kabuto is one of the most underrated characters in the Naruto series. He helped Orochimaru in numerous experiments and was just as devious. Kabuto was an excellent shinobi with a level of intelligence that very few people could match. He is also one of the very few characters that managed to learn Sage Mode as well.
Being able to master Sage Mode makes him incredibly strong, which is why many fans think he is grossly underrated. He might not be as strong as the likes of Hashirama and Naruto, but he is a powerful individual capable of defeating strong shinobis.
Kabuto’s Sage Mode has been the topic of discussion among many fans for a long time. When the likes of Orochimaru failed to learn Sage Mode, how could Kabuto use this technique? Let’s understand how he learned this complicated technique and the circumstances that played a role in his ability to execute it.
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Before we get into this topic, it is essential to know a little about a Naruto character called Jugo since his ability was crucial in helping Kabuto learn Sage Mode. Jugo was a character whose clan name was unknown, and he had a unique passive ability. However, he decided to isolate himself from everyone and live in a cave. The reason for this was his rage. When he got angry, he would cause a ton of destruction to anything and anyone around him. He went on to meet Kimimaro, who led him to Orochimaru later on.
Jugo hoped that Orochimaru would be able to treat him, but the latter was amazed by his kekkei genkai, which allowed him to gather natural energy. There came a point in the Naruto series when Orochimaru died, and Kabuto managed to gather his remains. Upon doing so, Kabuto had exceptionally high chakra reserves, which aids in executing Sage Mode. However, the real trick to using Sage Mode is absorbing natural energy and fusing it with the right amount of chakra within the user’s body.
Kabuto could replicate Jugo’s abilities, so he could gather as much natural energy as he wanted. He went to the Ryuchi cave, where the White Snake Sage resides. Kabuto learned the Sage Mode in that cave, which mildly altered his physical appearance. He grew four horns, had markings around his eyes, and developed a brille. The brille played an essential role in making Kabuto immune to genjutsu techniques and other attacks that were visual.
Entering Sage Mode in the Naruto series dramatically enhanced his physical abilities. He was faster, stronger, and his senses were heightened. One unique feature was that Kabuto could infuse natural energy into inanimate objects to give them life. This is how Kabuto managed to enter Sage Mode in the Naruto series and fascinated viewers and fans continually.

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