Mojang rolls out Player Chat Reporting into Minecraft Java – GamingOnLinux

Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.1 is out now and it comes with some controversial changes, that many players are not particularly happy about.
The first major change is the addition of player reporting, if they send abusive message in the game chat. The system allows you to report specific people on servers and select multiple messages to include, plus add some comments. From there, Mojang / Microsoft moderators will look over reports and deal with them. It applies to everyone, even private servers. Linking together with that is another change to the text chat. With their new secure chat system, it will put a note by the chat for each message that was not sent through it or if the server somehow tampered with it.
Mojang say people won’t be banned for swearing but it’s more aimed at “hate speech, bullying, harassment, sexual solicitation, or making true threats to others”. If you get banned it won’t affect playing single-player.
Naturally, there’s already mods to get around this like the No Chat Reports mod that claims to strip out the signatures attached to chat messages, making them “impossible to track and associate your chat messages with your Minecraft and, by extension, Microsoft account”.
In case you missed it, Mojang also recently said no to NFTs and blockchain in Minecraft.
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