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Meet in love 23 August 2022: Meet on call says what he didn’t come to office, okay and disconnects call says he is not in house nor at office this means he is ignoring me, forget it I don’t care at all and grab her book to study but thinking about her kiss. Raj and Isha looking at Meet from window. Babita and Ragini join them and seeing her. Raj give them sign and they leave.
Meet Ahlawat trie to help her but Anubha get awkward. He says Meet also help everyone in house but nobody says to her that you cannot do. She says that is something different it’s her responsibility. He says then what about son in law he doesn’t have any responsibility, don’t worry in your daughter’s style responsibility dosent know if it’s son or daughter. Anubha says it’s fine, now let me give boil water to Amma. Meet Ahlawat says stop I’ll give her I’m here for some time so let me do then it’s all yours. Anubha says you reminded me of Meet. He says consider Meet did it and he grab the bucket of water. She tell her to keep near stove.
Everyone get inside Meet’s room and walks to her. Ragini give her food says eat it I cooked your favourite. She says I don’t feel like eating. Babita ask her where is Meet. She says I don’t know. Isha says I have a comedy movie to watch. She says I’m not in mood. Raj says should I give you injection to cheer you up. Meet get up says I’m all fine, I don’t need injection and I want to study and grab her book. Raj says to study first you have to grab book in correct manner. Babita ask did you both fight. She says no. Babita says we know everything. Meet thinks why Meet Ahlawat tell them everything and says when you all know then tell me is this the matter to fought.
Babita says that we want to know what is the topic. Meet thinks thank god he didn’t tell the reason, how will I tell them it’s all about kiss. Babita says don’t worry if you don’t want to share but remember these small fight will bring you more close but you have to sit and talk to him without any fight.
Anubha says to Meet Ahlawat try to understand I cannot take it, you are doing this for good reason but the society will think I’m burning my son in law’s money, if you worry about self respect please don’t do this again I beg you. Meet Ahlawat thinks she have good control over her thoughts it won’t change easily I have find out some other way.
Same night Meet in her room sleeping with her book open. Meet Ahlawat get in room see her and try to remove book from her face but she wake up. Meet Ahlawat walks away but Meet drop keys purposely. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and pick it up and go to dressing table. Meet looks at her and think tell me what you want Meet Ahlawat and you have to start the topic. Meet Ahlawat thinks if you don’t want to talk then don’t talk, I’m also your husband and walk to cupboard, while taking out his tshirt he drops it and start walking away. Meet get up with book in her hand. He see her action. She says I was trying to kill mosquito. He says okay kill I also left my pajama inside and walk inside washroom.
He come out and Meet ask where were you from morning.
He says why should I tell you, I’m feeling sleepy so let me go to bed now. Meet says you went to office. He says yes. She thinks he is lier, she rab the plate go to her says you cannot sleep empty stomach. He says if you can sleep empty stomach then I can too. She thinks he won’t listen this way, she take the plate out and start using mixer in kitchen. Meet Ahlawat open his eyes says whi is using mixer in night.
Meet in kitchen says thanks Sunaina bhabhi that you made puri now I’ll make water for him so that he can have pani puri. Meet Ahlawat standing at door of kitchen thinks I know you will figure out something to give me to eat, now you will also eat, walks to her says why are you getting loud in night people are sleeping. She says I’m doing my responsibility, if I’ll eat not then I won’t be able to get up early and help people so I came to kitchen to have pani puri. Raj, Babita at kitchen gate seeing them. Meet Ahlawat you cannot compete me in this I’ll make you loose.
Meet says let’s bet on this and thinks now you will have some food, Meet Ahlawat thinks similarly. Both compete with eachother and feed eachother pani puri. Raj and Babita look at them and smile, Babita says Raj you were right it was fight for love, look they care so much for eachother. Raj says soon they will realise this too.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat purposely show eachother coldness but are happy that other one is eating.
Meet in kitchen says to herself because of last night pani puri I have acidity and don’t know where he is, today I’ll clear out everything when there is no love between us then why should I be burden on anyone. She hear voice of Ram, Lakhan and go outside to see them.
Ram, Lakhan standing with report card in there hand. Meet see there report card and scolds them says you fail in one subject go from here don’t show me your face. Ram, Lakhan start moving. She stops them and says I’m showing anger of someone else on you, we need to find a tutor for you and everything will be fine. Lakhan ask who’s anger you are showing on us. Meet says I’m angry on Meet Ahlawat, he is out from morning without telling. Ram says we saw in Shahbadh. Meet thinks did he went to mom to
talk about our relation.
Meet Ahlawat in Shahbadh market with Deep and says to him I want to invest 1 crore but everyone is established so much here I don’t think so they will be interested in more growth and development. The man from general store walk to Meet Ahlawat says greeting son in law. Deep says who are you go from here. He says I know him, remember you give me order to send things at Anubha’s house. He says yes Lalaji. Lalaji says you were talking about investment. Meet Ahlawat says you are already established and your shop is running from generation, I want someone who started his business from scratch and with you it will be impossible. Anubha in market see Meet Ahlawat and says why did he call me here. Lalaji says to Meet Ahlawat I’m not rich from ages, this shop is also given by in-law’s.
Deep says Lalaji we consider that this shop is given by your in law’s, but I won’t give you business when it’s empty, you must have invested something in this. Lalaji says to Meet Ahlawat my living is because of my in law’s, my fridge, this shop everything, I just want you to bless me then I’ll have everything of mine. Meet Ahlawat says did everyone hear this man who’s living is because of in law’s go’s to ither house and says your son in law cannot be your son, is this correct. Everyone says no. He walks to a lady and ask tell me one thing, your husband should take care of your parents the way you take care of his.
She says yes, he should. Meet Ahlawat ask everyone tell me one thing when a girl go to in law’s house and take care of her in law’s so can’t a boy take care of his in law’s and support them. Everyone says yes he should. Meet Ahlawat says to Lalaji a good care can be taken of in-law’s. Lalaji apologize Meet Ahlawat. Anubha listen everything.
Meet Ahlawat walks to Anubha and says when Meet can take care of my family then why I cannot take care of you the same way, it’s always said husband and wife should share everything there happiness, pain, good and bad time, so same way why I cannot help Meet’s family, Meet’s happiness matter a lot to me and her happiness lie in you, I beg you please accept me as your son so that I can be responsible towards you, I promise I won’t leave you all alone. Meet standing nearby listen everything. Anubha says I know and I always accept you a son not son in law. Meet walks to Anubha hugs her says I want to talk to Meet Ahlawat. He says I’m talking to aunty right now we can talk later. She says I want to talk now and you have to give answers to my question come with me and she take him away.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat near river. Meet Ahlawat says where are you taking me. Meet says you accepted me as wife infront of everyone, you said that husband and wife should split there responsibilities, why do you lie to everyone. He says I was talking something important to Anubha let me go. Meet stop him says first give me answer. He says I won’t give and run away. Meet chases him and catches him says tell me when you don’t believe these thoughts and consider me your wife then why do you say lie. He says who said it’s lie everything is truth I swear when everything is true then why to hide.
Meet says I won’t leave you and try to hit him. Meet Ahlawat holds her hand bring her close and says why do you think that I’m lying, you are still my wife, if we kiss eachother it’dosent mean things change tell me what have changed between us. Meet push him away says things have changed, you kissed me and said it was all mistake but everyone told me that kissing is the way to express love but for you kiss was a mistake this means you don’t consider me as wife. He says why don’t you understand, he bring her close says now listen me you are my wife and I like you a lot and I said it was mistake because I didn’t took permission from you so I thought you didn’t like it and you ran away from garden so I thought you are angry on me. Meet says you are dumb and hugs him. He says if you are smart then why didn’t you explain.
She says you didn’t give me chance, you ran away. Meet Ahlawat says Hoshiyar told me that I messed up things so he ask me to run away for few days, we should resolve it it’s a serious problem, we are running from eachother, I didn’t feel good and I was sad. Meet says I was also sad. He says we will find a way before that we have to convince mummyji. Meet says I know how to convince her.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat out. Meet having kulfi and ask why are we here. He says to find out solution of our problem. So did you find the solution. He says yes it’s kiss first one confused us and other one will resolve it. Meet push him back says it’s a bad idea, kiss is not a candy that you open it and eat it, kiss need feeling. Meet Ahlawat says wao you became so experienced in one kiss, wait I have to remove this awkwardness and nervousness when we come to topic of intimacy and this small confusion become a big problem. Meet says yes you are right. He hold her hand and come close and wipe her face says I was cleaning. She says let’s sit and says the view is beautiful. He looks at her says yes it is and says I have a proposal for us, will you be my girlfriend.
She says we are married so we have to move forward not go back. He says that’s our problem we directly got married and never got a chance to start things from beginning, will you be my girlfriend, I’ll date you and take care of all your tantrums. Meet says think again it will affect your pocket, you hav eto take me on shopping, give me gifts because im Meet Huddah different from other girls. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I have a big heart if you don’t believe then say yes that you will be my girlfriend. Meet says okay from now on you and me are girlfriend boyfriend. He pick Meet in joy and someone put sack on both of them.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat are taken to police station with faces covered in sack. Everyone in police station says we are sorry please forgive us. Police says shutup because of your boys and girls our society is been damaged, you don’t have any shame. Police man walk to his senior says we have caught all these lovers. A police man says reveal there faces too and remove Meet and Meet Ahlawat sack. Meet says what is this why did you catch us. Meet Ahlawat says there is some misunderstanding. Officer says something is stuck in teeth. A constable says to Officer what to do. Officer stab tooth pick in his hand and says let all the boys go and put all the girls in lockup and call there parents let them also know what there girls are doing.
Meet walks to constable apply him bandage and says to Officer what are you doing first you bring us who are innocent to police station then stab your constable. Officer walks to Meet laugh at her says now she is teaching me law, he sit in front of her says so you want to educate us in police station or we should come to your house, now this called as daring. Meet says I don’t do anything wrong so there is no question of daring and I’m just supporting the truth the same way like love dosent know if it’s a boy or girl, you caught both of them boy’s and girl’s and then accusing girls for loving, one important thing love needs feeling to which you are calling as shameless.
Officer walks to Meet Ahlawat says she is strong from where did you bring her. Meet Ahlawat says talk with respect she is my wife, I’m showing you respect because of your uniform or else. Officer shouts and try to hit him but Meet holds her stick and sats don’t try to do this by mistake.
Officer says to Meet Ahlawat she is strong from where did you bring her. Meet Ahlawat says show some respect, she is my wife, I’m respecting your uniform or else.
Officer raise his hand to hit him but Meet hold his hand and says don’t do it by mistake, start recording and says I can file complaint against you for troubling innocent, my name is Meet Huddah and I don’t trouble anyone and let anyone do that that’s what I learnt from my father, he was also a police man use to work in Shahbadh. Officer says are you relative of Ashok Huddah. Meet says he was my father. Officer in shock says you should have said first, he was my senior, that’s why I was thinking how did you get so much strength and says she is like our daughter let her go.
Meet says I’ll move only when you release everyone they all are innocent, walks to constable says you said that you caught us tell what wrong we were doing these two were making notes and rest were just spending time. Officer says you are daring and have same thinking like your father and ask everyone to leave and ask Meet also to leave. Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave police station. Officer says Ashok Huddah also use to say for development and progress of girls and same her daughter say because of his behaviour he was dead now it’s Meet time to face same thing.
Anubha cleaning vegetable. Someone ring door bell. Amma says wait I’ll check and open door see people coming inside with gifts. Amma says who are you where are you going. Meet Ahlawat says dadi we ask them to bring don’t worry. Anubha see stuff and says what is this. Meet says this is your business of art and craft. Meet Ahlawat says you have to make your mark. Anubha get’s excited after seeing stuff and says how I’ll do this. Meet says don’t worry you can do it. Anubha says I promise to grow my business and be business women.
Meet remember what she said to him about helping mom, she said to do something so that her self-respect don’t get affected. Meet Ahlawat says we have make her indipendent. Anubha hugs Meet and says your dad must be proud of you today. Meet says now see your stuff and get’s video call from Sunaina. Sunaina greet her and ask how are you. She says I’m good. Sunaina says Tej want to talk to yoy. Tej says hi friend. Meet says you know where I’m, wait I’ll introduce you to Dadi and Mom. Amma and Anubha greet Tej on video call
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