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Marvel’s Spider-Man may be Yuri Lowenthal’s most recognized appearance as Peter Parker, but he had been voicing the character for a decade prior.
Marvel's Spider-Man may be one of Yuri Lowenthal's most recognized performances as Peter Parker, but the actor had played Marvel's webhead on numerous occasions before Insomniac's acclaimed take on the character. His performance in Marvel's Spider-Man has been highly praised since the game first released in 2018 with a take that shows Peter Parker in his early 20s, navigating life as both a superhero and a recent college graduate, and this version of Spider-Man soon went on to be a fan favorite. Despite this, many fans may be unaware that he had been appearing as Spider-Man across a variety of games for nearly a decade prior to Marvel's Spider-Man's release.
Yuri Lowenthal's take on Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man nailed the character, with the game showing him as a young adult as opposed to a young high schooler. As is required for a character such as Spider-Man, Lowenthal's performance gave players moments of levity that made the experience of playing Marvel's Spider-Man fun and exhilarating, before delivering gut-wrenching moments that that made some of the game's heartbreaking events hit even harder. Lowenthal returned in 2020's Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which saw Peter in a mentor role as he helped Miles to understand his own powers and what being a hero entails, even leaving behind custom training programs for Miles to try out. Both Peter and Miles return in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 next year to take on villains such as Venom and Kraven.
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Although Marvel's Spider-Man was Lowenthal's most prominent turn as the character, it was far from his first performance as Peter Parker, as this came a decade prior with ZEN Pinball in 2008. Over the decade that followed, Lowenthal voiced the character in other pinball titles such as Marvel Pinball in 2010 and its follow-ups Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles in 2012 and Marvel Pinball: Venom in 2014. Another noticeable appearance as Spider-Man came in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online game in 2011, where Lowenthal also voiced other, more villainous Marvel characters such as Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin, as well as the God of Mischief, Loki. 2014 was the year that saw Lowenthal voicing the wall-crawler in mobile titles such as Spider-Man Unlimited and The Amazing Spider-Man 2's movie tie-in game. Much like its console counterpart where Sam Riegel voiced Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 very loosely incorporated elements from the movie but saw Spider-Man facing off against one of his famous symbiotic villains for the final showdown. Whereas the console version saw Carnage as the primary antagonist, the mobile versions had a showdown with Venom instead.
After the success of Marvel's Spider-Man, it was nice to see Lowenthal return as Spider-Man in 2019's Nintendo Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The Black Order didn't follow any of the events seen in the previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles where Quinton Flynn and Benjamin Diskin voiced the webhead. Instead, developer Team Ninja opted for a story that had plenty of similarities with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's then ongoing Infinity Saga, with Marvel and GotG mainstay Thanos and the Black Order appearing as antagonists. In 2021 he also voiced Spider-Man in Marvel's first mobile open-world action RPG, Marvel Future Revolution.
Fans of Yuri Lowenthal's portrayal of Peter Parker will have plenty to look forward to, as the actor will continue to appear as Spider-Man in several upcoming titles. As well as his aforementioned return as Insomniac's Peter Parker in the PlayStation 5 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in 2023, he has been confirmed to voice the character in the upcoming tactical-RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns. XCOM developer Firaxis has confirmed that Spider-Man's appearance in Marvel Midnight Suns isn't connected to Insomniac's Marvel game universe. However, the team did reveal to VGC that they heard Lowenthal's performance in the Marvel's Spider-Man series and agreed he sounded like the perfect Peter Parker, which led to him being cast for the upcoming title.
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