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Marvel has plenty of characters who are spies and masters of stealth, but some use their abilities to take infiltration to the next level.
Marvel is full of different kinds of superheroes. There are leaders, big brains, and powerhouses. There are balanced heroes, ones with godlike power, and ones with no powers at all. There are a million different specializations for heroes, and some are better are certain things than others. An important heroic skill is infiltration. While lots of heroes are pretty good at sneaking around, some have taken that ability to the next level.
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These heroes have made infiltration into an art form. Most of them have some kind of specialized training that pairs well with their powers. They're the ones who can sneak into anywhere whenever they need to without getting caught.
Sue Richards doesn't have any military training. She's never been a spy before. Her life before getting her powers was pretty mundane, but she's become one of the best infiltrators around since. Invisibility is a perfect power for someone trying to sneak around. It's allowed Invisible Woman to get into places where people would have preferred she never was.
Being invisible isn't everything, of course, but over the years, Invisible Woman has mastered the other skills necessary to sneak around. There are still ways to detect her, but she's gotten very good at remaining undetected.
Daredevil's enhanced senses and ninja training are the key to his infiltration skills. His radar sense and sense of smell allow him to pinpoint where everyone in an area is. As a trained ninja, he knows all about how to move without a sound. He knows how to drop down and take down guards quickly and quietly. He's done a great job over the years of getting into all kinds of places.
If there's any drawback to Daredevil as an infiltrator, it's his costume. It's not exactly the most stealthy infiltration outfit out there. However, with skills and powers like his, he can usually get into and out of anywhere he needs without anyone noticing until it's too late.
It would be easy to assume that Daredevil was a better infiltrator than his fellow Daredevil Elektra. This is false. She doesn't have his super senses, which is a drawback, but her training is arguably better. On top of that, Elektra has all kinds of mental abilities given to her by her mystical dealing over the years. She can pinpoint where threats are, see through their eyes, and even take control of them from afar.
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All of Elektra's skills make her an expert infiltrator. She's worked freelance and with S.H.I.E.L.D., proving her infiltration bona fides against the most dangerous targets out there. Elektra is great at everything, but her infiltration skills put her into rarified air.
Not every Avenger has earth-shattering power, but they all play their part. Ant-Man has never been one of the more powerful Avengers, regardless of whether it's Hank Pym, Scott Lang, or Eric O'Grady wearing the helmet. Still, he's definitely served his purpose. That purpose is often infiltration, something his shrinking power is perfect for.
There are some drawbacks to Ant-Man's infiltration skills, of course. He has to grow to full size to effectively steal information or do other things that infiltrators are often called upon to do. However, his ability to get into nearly anywhere makes him a great infiltrator when the team needs it.
Black Widow has made a name for herself as an amazing spy. Kept young and strong by the Soviet version of the Infinity Formula and trained in the Red Room, Black Widow spent decades sneaking around. Her defection to S.H.I.E.L.D. was a coup for the organization. She soon put her spy skills to work for the US, working as a superhero with multiple teams.
Black Widow doesn't have any superpowers, but she's never really needed them. She rose to the top of the spy world based on her skills alone. She's been infiltrating for so long that it's basically second nature for her.
Bucky Barnes has accomplished some amazing things, but few of them are more impressive than what he used to do as Cap's WWII sidekick. He would regularly sneak into German bases and emplacements, often wearing his bright blue and red costume, and soften the areas up for Cap's upcoming attacks. He was black ops before it was a thing.
Becoming the Winter Soldier took Bucky's skills to the next level. He spent decades getting better and better at his craft. Now, it's yet another skill in his repertoire. He's an expert infiltrator, his decades as a spy and assassin giving him a leg up on just about all the competition.
Sabretooth is known for his unrelenting brutality, so it's easy to imagine his infiltration skills aren't great. However, Victor Creed has been working black ops for decades. His super senses allow him to know where every guard is, and his training gives him the skills to get around quietly. While there's always going to be the moment he cuts loose and kills everyone, it will be after he's snuck into his enemies' inner sanctum.
Sabretooth loves the full frontal approach, but that doesn't stop him from being a great spy. He's a crafty and skilled old soldier with superpowers that allow him to pinpoint every threat and deal with it however he sees fit.
Mystique is deadly for a variety of reasons. She has made a living off of getting into anywhere and everywhere she's not supposed to be. Her shapeshifting powers are the key to this. While she certainly has the skills to sneak into just about anywhere without her shapeshifting skills, they make her basically undetectable.
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Mystique has become an expert at picking a target, taking them down, becoming them, and repeating the cycle until she gets to what she's after. There are ways to detect her, but by the time her target knows what's going on, she's already finished the job and got out ages ago.
Wolverine is the best at many things, and one of those things is infiltrate. Before becoming a superhero, Wolverine was part of the CIA's Team X, sneaking into hotspots all over the world and taking out targets, stealing information, and being a top-class spy. As an X-Man, he became the team's expert infiltrator, going in first to get info and soften up the enemy.
Wolverine is such a good infiltrator that he was able to sneak around in a bright yellow and blue costume. Between his super senses, training, and years of experience, there are few infiltrators out there better than him. His skills have saved his friends and the world countless times.
The X-Men is full of mutants who would make great assassins for multiple reasons. One of those is that they were former assassins. Kwannon was a Hand trained ninja with powerful telepathic abilities before her body was switched with Elizabeth Braddock's. She's since gotten her body back and has more than proven how great an infiltrator she is.
Psylocke's status as a telepathic ninja means she's the best infiltrator ever. She knows how to sneak around, but she really doesn't need to. She can mentally manipulate anyone who sees her, making them forget she's there if she's spotted. Basically, the only way anyone knows Psylocke is there is if she wants them to.
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