Marvel Diehards Already Know Which Superhero Group They Want Next – We Got This Covered

There’s already some deep-cut Marvel characters who’ve made their way into live-action, and fans have already picked the next super-group they want: Alpha Flight.
In the world of Marvel Comics there is a near endless list of teams. You’ve got the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Midnight Suns, the Defenders, and then, Alpha Flight. A team of almost entirely Canadians, they’re now top of a few fans’ wishlists for future MCU films.
Heavily populated by First Nations Canadians, the team first popped up in a 1979 X-Men comic, before fading in and out of publication in the years following. Is it time for these Canucks to earn big bucks for Marvel?
Featuring an all-star cast of Puck, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Snowbird, and probably a moose man somewhere down the line, there’s already a positive reception to this idea on /r/marvelstudios. Kevin Feige, you’ve got one job.
Imagine all the jokes that could be made by having a character named Puck in the MCU! There’s at least one!
Aurora, who has been a leader of the team, has a striking similarity to recent MCU entrant Moon Knight — both suffer from dissociative identity disorder, with Aurora’s splitting between a superhero persona and a more reserved religious librarian-type. Her backstory is utterly miserable, so good luck adapting that.
X-Men favorite Wolverine has often worked or had run-ins with Alpha Flight in the past because according to comic writers Canada must be a very small place where everyone knows each other. We gotta talk more about Puck though: give it to Danny DeVito. Watch the box office explode.
Considering how obscure and niche some of Loki’s easter eggs were in its first season, maybe we could at very least get a throwaway gag about the group defeating Thanos in one timeline.


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