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Luann de Lesseps, the singer (maybe you saw her act “Countess and Friends”) and reality star (best known from The Real Housewives of New York City) has an impressively fit figure at age 57. And it’s on full display in a new Instagram post, with her in a bathing suit. “Viva la Diva! ❤️ @desmond.child Celebrating 2 years since the release!” she captioned it, referring to the song she and Child released in 2020. (“Here’s to the diva deep in you…Lets get some diva attitude…Let the diva live in you!” go some of the lyrics.) How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Luann de Lesseps stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Stopped Drinking

The Real Housewives of New York City star cut back on drinking after an unfortunate incident that occured while she was intoxicated. Shockingly, that led to some healthy surprises. “I was drinking quite a bit so I lost weight and my skin got better. Everyone’s been saying, ‘You look so much better.’ So that feels really good too,” she said


She Enjoys Taking Walks

The reality star enjoys light workouts like walking to help her to stay active throughout the day. Walking is incredible for overall health. It’s low impact, but keeps you moving. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health. It’s one of your body’s most natural forms of exercise. It’s safe, simple and doesn’t require a lot of practice.” 


She Likes Runs

She often posts on social media about her running. Luann often prefers the treadmill and will start with a warm-up of running before her workouts. “Money can’t buy you abs. Working out and staying healthy!” she said under one of the videos posted on social media.


She Watches Her Portions

Countess Luann takes good care of her physique by watching the amount of food she consumes. Portion control is huge when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. “I take walks, do yoga and try not to eat too much in one sitting,” she said


She Likes Yoga

Luann really loves doing yoga to stay fit and in shape. In addition to walking, it’s a great low impact workout with a lot of benefits like improving balance, building strength, and expanding flexibility. “Regular yoga practice may reduce levels of stress and body-wide inflammation, contributing to healthier hearts. Several of the factors contributing to heart disease, including high blood pressure and excess weight, can also be addressed through yoga,” says Johns Hopkins. “According to the National Institutes of Health, scientific evidence shows that yoga supports stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality sleep.”
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