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The No. 1 (D1) Tennessee BaseVols (45-6, 22-4 SEC) are set to face off against the Georgia Bulldogs (32-18, 13-13 SEC) on Saturday for the series finale. SECN+ has the stream. 
UT won the first two games 5-2 and 9-2 to win the series, and the SEC for that matter, making the series finale an opportunity for the top-ranked Vols to achieve their ninth series sweep of the season. Tennessee has 12 series wins of 13 series played this season. 
A recap of games one and two of the series can be found here and here.
A look at how a pair of Volunteers are closing in on single-season and career program records at the University Tennessee can be found Here
Vols' head coach Tony Vitello's post-game press conference following Tennessee's series win over Georgia on Friday is above. 
The Vols' starting lineup for day three against Georgia is below. 
Lineup Notes:
-Lineup shifted around after back-to-back days of the same nine in the same order. Lipcius (lefty) moves down to the eight-hole against Georgia's starting LHP Liam Sullivan. 
-Jorel Ortega moves back up to the two-hole with Lipcius moving down. With Lipcius falling all the way down to eight, Russell moves up to sixth. Russell is 4-8 this series at the plate with two home runs and four RBIs. 
-Christian Moore gets the starting nod at DH after Burke had started the previous two games. The decision make sense considering who Burke is a lefty. 
'UT's .44 Magnum', 'The Volunteer Fireman', '105.5 The Heat', whichever name you wish to call him, Ben Joyce will make his first career Tennessee start on the mound. 
Pitching matchup: 
Vols redshirt Jr. RHP Ben Joyce (2-1, 1.23 ERA, 39 K/7 BB, 3 ER, 11 H, .143 b/avg, 22.0 IP) 
UGA So. LHP Liam Sullivan (3-3, 4.91 ERA, 36 K/14 BB, 20 ER, 37 H, .259 b/avg, 36.2 IP) 

The section below will be continuously updated with LIVE updates and the score of Tennessee's series finale against Georgia. 
Stats to Watch Out For Today and in the Near Future:

-Evan Russell has 37 career home runs. The program-record is Todd Helton with 38. Helton did it in 756 at-bats, Russell has 702 career at-bats. 
-Trey Lipscomb has 20 home runs. The single-season program record is 24 (Sonny Cortez '98).
-Redmond Walsh has 22 career saves, the program-record is Todd Helton with 23.
VFL Greg McMichael throws out the first pitch. 
1st Inning: 
-Ben Anderson strikes out looking.
-Cole Tate works a one-out walk. The second strike of his AB was no ordinary strike. 
-Connor Tate strikes out swinging. 
-Parks Harber flies out to the warning track in left field.
-Seth Stephenson draws a leadoff walk. 
-Jorel Ortega pops up to 2B. 
-Jordan Beck is walked. 
-Drew Gilbert RBI singles up the middle. Stephenson scores. Beck to second. 
-Runners advance to second and third on a wild pitch. 
-Trey Lipscomb lines out to CF, base-running mistakes cause the third out as Gilbert ran to third to leave second base open for the tag. Beck went home, but the run doesn't count. 
Score: Vols 1, Bulldogs 0
2nd Inning: 
-Chaney Rogers grounds out to 2B. 
-Fernando Gonzalez strikes out. Joyce reached 104.3 mph on the at-bat. 
-Corey Collins pops up to SS. 
-Evan Russell lines out to CF. 
-Christian Moore strikes out swinging. 
-Luc Lipcius homers to left field. Against a lefty, opposite field. Tennessee leads by two. 
-Cortland Lawson strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 2, Bulldogs 0
3rd Inning: 
-Joshua McAllister strikes out looking, the final strike was a 84 mph slider from Joyce after a 103.2 mph fastball. Filthy.
-Buddy Floyd grounds out to 3B.
-Ben Anderson works a two-out walk. 
-Cole Tate strikes out looking.
-Seth Stephenson singles through the left side. 
-Jorel Ortega grounds into a 6-4-3 double play. 
-Jordan Beck strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 2, Bulldogs 0
4th Inning: 
-Connor Tate singles through the left side. 
-Tate advances to second on a wild pitch. 
-Parks Harber strikes out swinging. Hard last strike swing. 
-Lefty Chaney Rogers crushes a homer into the Tennessee bullpen for a two-run shot. 
-Fernando Gonzalez takes his first pitch yard to the left field porches. 
-Corey Collins grounds out. 
-Josh McAllister lines out. 
-Drew Gilbert singles up the middle. 
-Trey Lipscomb singles to third. Gilbert advances to second. 
**Georgia pitching change: So. LHP Jaden Woods (1-1, 5.36 ERA) to pitch for Sullivan**
-Evan Russell is walked after a marathon at-bat. Very solid at-bat from Russell to load the bases for Christian Moore with no outs. 
-Christian Moore strikes out looking. 
-Luc Lipcius strikes out looking. 
-Cortland Lawson is walked to score Gilbert. 
-Seth Stephenson strikes out looking. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 3
5th Inning: 
**Kirby Connell to pitch for Ben Joyce**
-Buddy Floyd strikes out swinging. 
-Ben Anderson strikes out.
**Drew Beam is warming up in the pen**
-Cole Tate strikes out swinging. 
-Jorel Ortega flies out to right center. 
-Jordan Beck is HBP. 
-Drew Gilbert flies out to RF. 
-Trey Lipscomb lines out to LF. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 3
6th Inning: 

-Connor Tate strikes out swinging. 
-Parks Harber strikes out swinging. 
-Chaney Rogers flies out to shallow center field. Incredibly acrobatic catch from Drew Gilbert. 
-Evan Russell draws a leadoff walk. 
-Christian Moore is walked. 
-Luc Lipcius strikes out swinging on a 2-2 count after attempting to bunt the majority of the at-bat. 
**UGA pitching change: Sr. RHP Jack Gowen (1-0, 1.88 ERA) on to pitch for Woods**
-Cortland Lawson strikes out looking. 
**Kyle Booker pinch-hitting for Seth Stephenson**
-Kyle Booker strikes out looking. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 3
7th Inning: 
**Kyle Booker to LF for Seth Stephenson**
**Drew Beam (8-0, 2.15 ERA) on to pitch for Connell**
-Fernando Gonzalez grounds out p to 1b. 
-Corey Collins singles to LF. 
-Josh McAllister singles to CF. 
-Buddy Floyd singles through the right side, baserunners advance. 
**Redmond Walsh on to pitch for Drew Beam**
-Ben Anderson lays down an RBI groundout to score Collins. 
-Cole Tate cracks a 2 RBI single to left field. 
-Connor Tate drills a homer to left field for a two-run shot. Five-run inning for Georgia. 
-Parks Harber grounds out p to 1b.
-Ortega strikes out swinging. 
-Jordan Beck strikes out swinging. 
-Drew Gilbert flies out to LF. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 8
8th Inning: 
**Will Mabrey on to pitch for Walsh**
-Chaney Rogers works a leadoff walk. 
-Fernando Gonzalez flies out to the warning track in RF. 
-Corey Collins strikes out swinging. 
-Josh McAllister reaches on a fielder's choice, Gonzalez out at second. 
-Trey Lipscomb grounds out to SS. 
-Evan Russell strikes out looking. 
-Christian Moore flies out to right center. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 8
9th Inning: 
**Wyatt Evans on to pitch for Mabrey**
-Buddy Floyd pops up to p. 
-Ben Anderson singles. 
-Cole Tate is walked. Anderson to second. 
-Runners advance into scoring position. 
-Connor Tate strikes out swinging. 
-Parks Harber grounds out. 
-Luc Lipcius grounds out. 
-Christian Scott grounds out. 
-Kyle Booker grounds out. 
Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 8
FINAL: Tennessee , Georgia 
Photo Credit: Saul Young of the Knoxville News Sentinel
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