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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Top-ranked Tennessee is set to take on 3-seed Campbell in Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Saturday night at 7 p.m. ET in the second day of the Knoxville Regional. SEC Network has the broadcast. 
The Vols and the Fighting Camels are each 1-0 this weekend, with Campbell defeating Georgia Tech 15-8 in their first game and Tennessee downing Alabama State 10-0. Tony Vitello's post-game press conference after the Vols' win over Alabama State is above. 
In UT's win over the Hornets, they were without starting catcher Evan Russell. All you need to know regarding Russell's status and what happened can be found here
The loser of Tennessee vs. Campbell will face off against Georgia Tech at 2 p.m. ET in LNS on Sunday, and the winner of that game will play the winner of Tennessee-Campbell on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET. 
Tennessee and Campbell's matchup features a pair of teams with some power. Six Fighting Camels have hit 10 or more home runs this season while the Vols have had 10 players hit double digits bombs. 
After a dominant performance by Blade Tidwell in which he pitched a stellar 7.2 innings, Tennessee will start SEC Pitcher of the Year Chase Dollander (9-0, 2.21 ERA) on the mound against Campbell. The Fighting Camels starting pitcher is yet to be named. 
Tennessee's starting lineup against Campbell for Saturday's game is below. 
Lineup notes: 
Evan Russell is NOT starting at catcher for the second consecutive night, as Charlie Taylor will start for the second straight game for the first time this season. 
-However, Russell IS available for Tennessee against Campbell, but he is likely not yet back to 100% after dealing with his sickness and conditions that held me out of Tennessee's game against Alabama State. 
-Otherwise, the the lineup is normal for the Volunteers. 
Campbell's starting lineup: 
3B Jarrod Belbin
RF Lawson Harrill
SS Zach Neto
LF Logan Jordan
DH Connor Denning
1B Drake Pierson
C Ty Babin
2B Waldy Arias
CF Tyler Halstead
Pitching matchup: 
Vols So. RHP Chase Dollander (9-0, 2.21 ERA, 12 GS, 14 App, 99 K/11 BB, 17 ER, 19 R, 39 H, .159 opp. avg., 69.1 IP) 
Campbell So. RHP Cade Kuehler (4-5, 3.62 ERA, 14 GS, 15 App, 101 K/36 BB, 31 ER, 35 R, 49 H, .174 opp. avg., 77.0 IP)
Note: Tennessee is the away team. Campbell is the home team. This is due to the fact that in their respective games so far this tournament, Tennessee has been the away team less (0 times) than Campbell has (1 time). 
Below is Tennessee's uniform chance against the Fighting Camels.
The section below will be continuously updated with LIVE updates of Tennessee's Saturday night game against 3-seed Campbell. 
1st Inning: 
-Seth Stephenson singles through the left side. 
-Luc Lipcius fouls out to 3B. 
-Stephenson steals second. 
-Jordan Beck lines out to LF. 
-Drew Gilbert fouls out to 3B. Great play by Campbell third baseman Jarrod Belbin. 
-Jarrod Belbin flies out to deep LF. 
-Lawson Harrill strikes out swinging. Dollander's 100th strikeout of the season. 
-Zach Neto singles to RF on his first pitch. 
-Neto steals second. 
-Logan Jordan flies out to CF. 
Score: Vols 0, Fighting Camels 0
2nd Inning: 
-Trey Lipscomb leads off with a double to left field.
-Jorel Ortega strikes out swinging. 
-Blake Burke grounds out to SS. Campbell choosing to not make the shift works wonders. Great play by Campbell SS Zach Neto. Lipscomb advances to third. 
-Cortland Lawson strikes out looking. 
-Connor Denning strikes out swinging. 
-Drake Pierson flies out to RF. 
-Ty Babin doubles to right center off the wall.
-Waldy Arias strikes out looking to strand Babin. 
Score: Vols 0, Fighting Camels 0
3rd Inning: 
-Charlie Taylor flies out to CF. 
-Seth Stephenson strikes out swinging. Hard swing by Seth on the final strike.
-Luc Lipcius strikes out swinging. 
-Tyler Halstead bunts a leadoff single to 3B. Lipscomb's throw doesn't make it in time. Lipcius didn't make a clean catch, either. 
-Jarrod Belbin homers off the scoreboard for a two-run shot
-Lawson Harrill flies out to deep CF. 
-Zach Neto doubles down the left field line. 
-Logan Jordan strikes out looking. 
-Neto steals third base. 
-Conner Denning reaches first on a fielding error by Cortland Lawson. Neto scores. Tough backhand play to make there by Lawson, but it is one he makes the majority of the time. 
-Drake Pierson is walked. Frank Anderson calls a mound meeting. 
-Ty Babin RBI singles to right-field to score Denning. Pierson advances to third. 
-Waldy Arias is walked. Bases loaded for Tyler Halstead with two outs. 
**Jr. LHP Kirby Connell (3-0, 1.08 ERA) on to pitch for Dollander**
-Halstead flies out to LF. Connell strands the bases loaded. 
Score: Vols 0, Fighting Camels 4
4th Inning: 
-Jordan Beck pops up to SS. 
-Drew Gilbert doubles to RF. 
-Trey Lipscomb RBI single to left-field to score Gilbert. Vols trying to get the momentum back.
-Jorel Ortega annihilates a two-run homer over the left-field porches. 
-Blake Burke strikes out swinging. 
-Cortland Lawson strikes out swinging. 
Kirby stays on the mound. 
-Jarrod Belbin works a long leadoff walk. 
-Lawson Harrill grounds into a 6-4-3 double play. They'll take a look at it. Call OVERTURNED. Harrill is safe at first. 
-Zach Neto singles through the left side. 
-Logan Jordan strikes out swinging. 
-Harrill steals third. 
-Harrill caught stealing in between third base and home. Out at third p to c to 3b. Big play. 
Score: Vols 3, Fighting Camels 4
5th Inning: 
-Charlie Taylor strikes out swinging. 
-Seth Stephenson fouls out to c. 
-Luc Lipcius works a two-out walk. 
-Jordan Beck singles through the left side. Lipcius advances to second base. 
-Drew Gilbert crushes a three-run homer well over the scoreboard in Lindsey Nelson Stadium to give Tennessee the lead. 
-Trey Lipscomb is plunked. 
-Lipscomb steals second. 
-Lipscomb advances to third on a wild pitch. 
-Jorel Ortega twacks an infield RBI single to score Lipscomb. 
-Blake Burke strikes out swinging. 
-Connor Denning strikes out swinging. 
-Drake Pierson reaches on a throwing error by Ortega. 
-Ty Babin grounds into a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning. They'll take a look at it. Call overturned. 
-Waldy Arias flies out to CF. 
Score: Vols 7, Fighting Camels 4
6th Inning: 
-Cortland Lawson pops up to SS. 
-Charlie Taylor is walked. 10-pitch at-bat for Taylor. 
-Charlie Taylor steals second base. 
-Seth Stephenson grounds out to SS. Taylor advances to third. 
-Luc Lipcius strikes out swinging to strand Taylor at third. 
-Tyler Halstead grounds out p to 1B. 
-Jarrod Belbin strikes out swinging. 
-Lawson Harrill sails a two-out single to CF.
-Cortland Lawson makes the backhand play this time, nabbing a Zach Neto ground ball and getting the force out at second. First time Neto has been retired tonight. Kirby is dealing.
Score: Vols 7, Fighting Camels 4
7th Inning: 
-Jordan Beck grounds out to pitcher on a bunt. Call was under view and upheld. 
-Drew Gilbert pops up to SS in shallow LF. 
-Trey Lipscomb strikes out. 
-Logan Jordan grounds out to 3B. 
-Connor Denning is walked. 
-Drake Pierson homers off the batter's eye for a two-run shot.
-Ty Babin strikes out swinging. 
**Fr. RHP Chase Burns (8-1, 2.61 ERA) on to pitch for Tennessee**
-Waldy Arias is HBP on a 1-0 pitch. Arias was down on the ground in the batter's box for quite some time. Bryce Arnold will pinch-run. 
-Tyler Halstead singles to SS. 
-Arnold steals third, Halstead steals second. 
-Jarrod Belbin is intentionally walked to load the bases.
-Harrill strikes out swinging. 
Score: Vols 7, Fighting Camels 6
8th Inning: 
**So. RHP Ty Cummings (4-1, 4.21 ERA) on to pitch for the Fighting Camels**
-Jorel Ortega strikes out swinging. Not happy with the umpire for not giving him time when he asked before the second strike was thrown. 
-Blake Burke homers over the left center wall. Solo shot
-Cortland Lawson doubles to left center. 
**Jared Dickey pinch-hitting for Charlie Taylor**
-Dickey is walked. 
**Ethan Payne is pinch-running for Jared Dickey** Expect to see Evan Russell at catcher for the rest of the game.
-Seth Stephenson flies out to LF. 
**Jr. LHP Ryan Chasse (3-2, 2.90 ERA) on to pitch for Campbell**
-Luc Lipcius strikes out. 
**Evan Russell now catching for the Vols**
-Zach Neto grounds out to SS. 
-Logan Jordan strikes out swinging. 
-Connor Denning solo homers to RF. 
-Drake Pierson flies out to RF. 
Score: Vols 8, Fighting Camels 7
9th Inning: 
-Jordan Beck reaches on a throwing error by Campbell's third baseman. 
-Drew Gilbert reaches on a fielder's choice. Beck out at second. 
-Trey Lipscomb pops up to SS in shallow CF. 
-Jorel Ortega singles through the left side. Gilbert to second. 
**Christian Moore pinch-hitting for Blake Burke against the lefty**
-Moore RBI singles up the middle to bring home Drew Gilbert. 
-Three-run BLAST by Cortland Lawson. Huge homer for Tennessee. 
-Evan Russell, in his first at-bat of the night, singles to LF. 
-Seth Stephenson singles to 3B. Evan Russell to third. 
-Evan Russell tried to steal home on a wild pitch but is tagged out. They'll take a look at it. Call upheld. 
**Redmond Walsh on to pitch for Tennessee**
-Babin strikes out swinging. 
-Arnold grounds out to 2B. 
-Halstead grounds out to 3B. 
Score: Vols 12, Fighting Camels 7
FINAL: Tennessee 12, Campbell 7
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