Kardashian fans in shock over Kylie Jenner’s gift with jaw-dropping price tag for her makeup artist… – The US Sun

KARDASHIAN fans can't get over Kylie Jenner's pricy birthday surprise for her makeup artist as he celebrated his birthday years ago.
The reality star regularly features Ariel Tejada in her posts online.
A popular TikTok account shared resurfaced video from Ariel's 2019 birthday celebrations, which show Kylie, 24, presenting her pal with a gift.
The Kardashians star's makeup artist opens a box with a surprised look on his face before pulling out a ring.
He places it on his finger and then flashes the flashy ring to the camera.
Kylie claps and smiles, seemingly excited at the sweet moment.
The ring appears to be a band made entirely of large diamonds.
Ariel showed it off on his pointer finger in the TikTok video.
Fans flocked to the comments to weigh in on Kylie's generous – and pricy – present.
One user joked: "My friends don't even say happy bday to me."
Another more sincere commenter wrote: "Crying for him, this man had nothing at one point and one opportunity changed his whole life forever."
Someone else noted: "Love Kylie's energy."
A fourth commenter joked: "I would want the money instead."
Another fan wrote: "Awww that's very generous of her. He must mean a lot to her. Lovely."
The reality star recently shared a TikTok of her own featuring Ariel, getting fans buzzing.
In the clip, Kylie appeared to be grinding on an unidentified man who did not look like her boyfriend Travis Scott.
The post came just months after the couple welcomed their second child together.
She filmed herself wearing a black catsuit, which was zipped down far enough to show off her cleavage.
Kylie panned the camera from her body to her face, flaunting her curves.
Fans flocked to the comments to question the video, inquiring about the man behind the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum.
"That doesn't look like Travis who's that lmao," one user commented.
Another commenter wrote: "Not me thinking that was travis for a split second."
"Travis can't let this slide," another wrote.
The mystery didn't last long, however.
Several commenters noted one telling detail about the video: While it's unclear who the person is that Kylie's on top of, they appear to have long acrylic nails on their fingers.
"Not me thinking it's travis with acrylic nails," one TikTok commenter joked.
Another wrote: "Travis got his nails done."
"Not me thinking u were sat on Travis to only realize it was a girl cause of the nails," someone else added.
While the person's identity remains a secret, fans think they may have figured it out. 
Several commenters speculated that it was the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's makeup artist, Ariel.
"it's ARIEL," one commenter wrote.
Another wrote: "Pretty sure it's Ariel."
"Ya'll it's her makeup artist PLZ," a third commenter wrote.
Rumors have been swirling about Kylie and Travis' romance for some time.
Recently, fans speculated that the duo is faking their romance.
The Hulu star referenced the rap star's fourth album as she wrote: "Utopia with you."
Hundreds of fans commented on the latest post by The Kardashians star on a social media forum.
The majority saying it looks like Kylie and Travis' body language is forced. 
One fan wrote: "It feels forced like all this content is trying to normalize their relationship, distract from Astroworld and build up to an engagement announcement. Expect something within the next month or two."
"He literally has his eyes covered instead of looking at her," another wrote, referencing the rapper's visor
Another fan wrote: "I’ve never seen something lack so much chemistry and passion for one another like how boring."
One fan pleaded: "Kylie, stop trying to make Travis happen. He’s not going to happen."
"Everything just seems too forced and fake for me," said another.
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