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A new day brings word puzzle fans a brand-new Wordle word to puzzle through, and this one is challenging enough that some players may want a hint.
Wordle is an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master word puzzle game by the New York Times Games. Today's word may trip some players up, so they may like just a hint or two, or perhaps even the entire answer.
Wordle is a strategy game of guessing five-letter words. It was originally created a little more than a year ago by an indie developer, then it was purchased by the New York Times in February. It became so massively popular that it spawned a ton of clones, but there is only one original, and it is hosted on the NYT Games.
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In order to play, go to the New York Times Wordle website in a browser. It can be played on just about any device that connects to the internet, including mobile devices and PCs. Choose a starting Wordle word. It should be five letters long and a real English word. Type the word into the website and press enter; the letters of the starting word will then change colors.
Given these clues, players have five more guesses to get to the correct answer of the day. There is only one word per day, so they will have to wait until 12:00 AM local time to try another word puzzle, or players can try one of the many clones out there for this popular game.
Wordle words can be quite the challenge when they are completed solo. In order to make sure that players don't lose their Wordle winning streaks, they can check below to get some hints without giving the whole thing away.
If anyone is looking for the answer to today's puzzle, whether they plan to cheat at Wordle today or not, the answer is right below this image. Beware of spoilers ahead.
The answer to Wordle puzzle 398 is TRYST.
Wordle is available for any browser.
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Source: Wordle, Reddit
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