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The New York Times Games website is again ready with a new word of the day, which is challenging for several reasons.
Every day, the New York Times Games' Wordle has another mystery, five-letter word for players to guess. This word can easily trip up some new players, so here is some help for anyone who wants it.
Wordle is an easy-to-learn word puzzle game by the New York Times Games. This game is browser-based, but it is currently free to play and doesn't require a login. This may change soon, however, as the New York Times is soon letting accounts track their Wordle scores across devices with a NYT Games login. But for now, an account is not yet needed.
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In order to play, head to the NYT site and look for Wordle. Next, choose a starting word. It should be:
After choosing a starting word, players should type it into the top line of the grid. Press enter. This will cause the letters in the chosen word to change colors.
Given these clues, players will need to choose a new word and type it into the second line of the Wordle site. Those letters will then also change colors, and players need to continue this until they either run out of their six total guesses or get the word correct. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time, so there are only one of these mystery words per day.
Although the Wordle puzzle of the day is a fairly simple and common word, some players may still want a hint or two to get to the answer. For those who require some hints, check below. The full answer can be found at the bottom of this article.
Looking for the full answer to the puzzle? Whether players are planning to cheat at Wordle or not, they can find the answer just below this image.
The answer to Wordle puzzle 395 is ANGRY.
Wordle is available for any browser.
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