"I've worked hard to earn a lifetime membership" – Phil Mickelson on why he wants to continue playing in the PGA Tour despite LIV deal – Sportskeeda

Phil Mickelson joined the inaugural season of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series in June. The 2021 PGA Tour champion reportedly received a hefty paycheck of around $200 million to participate in the controversial series.
Mickelson joined several other players in the LIV Golf debut series, becoming the highest-paid golfer of the year. However, Mickelson’s association with LIV landed him in trouble as the PGA Tour took action.
The US-based organization suspended Mickelson and other LIV defectors from its tour. The controversy grew as Mickelson filed a lawsuit demanding action against the PGA over the ban.
Despite the lawsuit, Phil Mickelson continues to side with the newly introduced LIV Golf. Defending his choice, the 52-year-old athlete even stated that he appreciates the ‘financial commitment’ assured by the Saudi-backed series. However, the six-time major winner still wants to play on the PGA Tour.
Replying to a question on why he wants to be associated with the PGA, Phil Mickelson said that he had ‘earned’ his lifetime membership.
The former PGA Tour champion claimed to have worked for over three decades in the sport. Mickelson added that he should have the freedom to decide on where to play. Speaking in an interview ahead of the 2022 US Open from The Country Club in Brookline, Phil Mickelson said:
Phil Mickelson went on to speak about the LIV Golf series and how it would be a different approach to the sport. He explained:
Mickelson became one of the 48 players in the inaugural LIV Golf tournament when he made his debut in London. Ahead of his debut, Golf Channel’s Brentley Romine revealed that the former PGA Tour champion bagged around $200 million with his LIV contract.
It is pertinent to note that Mickelson has already received almost half the full amount upfront from the Saudi-backed league. It should also be noted that the hefty paycheck excludes the $25 million prize money he could win.
Forbes recently released a report which stated Mickelson was the highest-paid golfer in the world. According to the business magazine, the ace golfer earned over $138 million on the pitch this year. Unsurprisingly, seven of the 10 highest paid golfers on the Forbes list are LIV Golf players.


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