'It's essential, fact!' Backlash grows over Harry and Meghan UK row as 'privileges lost' – Express

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Omid Scobie, who is writing his second book about the exiled Sussexes, wrote a lengthy article on the subject for Yahoo! News, where he works as Royal Executive Editor. He spoke of the need for security after an intruder, who was charged with treason after breaking into the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas Day carrying a crossbow. Mr Scobie said: “For members of the monarchy, including those who have chosen to step away like Prince Harry, this high level of security is essential.
“Alongside the Prime Minister, Royal Family members are some of the most targeted individuals in the country.

“Given this fact, it’s hard to then accept the Prince is still locked in a lengthy High Court battle with the Home Officer over the protection privileges he lost in early 2020.
“The privileges vanished when he and Meghan Markle stepped back from their roles and moved to California with their young family Archie, three, and Lillibet, one.

Lawyers for Harry argue that he was forced to limit visits to the UK as his US security team does not have “adequate jurisdiction” here.

Just a week ago, Harry filed a second lawsuit, this time focused on the refusal to let him pay privately for police protection.

Lawyers for Harry argue that he was forced to limit visits to the UK
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being rocked by bombshell allegations that are “eroding” their credibility, a royal commentator has claimed.
One commentator has criticised Harry’s performance at the UN, highlighting Tom Bower’s “bombshell” new book on the royals.
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Mr Scobie, in the article, went on to claim: “Despite what you may have read in certain newspapers, he has never actually asked for public or government to cover security costs.”

He added that “it seems cruel in the extreme to allow Prince Andrew round-the-clock police protection, but not the future King’s son.

“It comes across as the Establishment punishing Harry, yet again, for breaking away from the Firm and sharing his experiences publicly.” He concluded the only acceptable solution to this fight is to “reinstate Harry’s access to security at his own expense -before it’s too late”.

In July, Prince Harry won permission to legally challenge a government decision that denied him police protection while in the UK.
Prior to the couple living in the US, Harry and Meghan were afforded full police protection enjoyed by senior royals and politicians, such as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But the Home Office made the decision in February 2022 for Harry to cease receiving police personal security – even if he were to cover the cost himself.

Lawyers acting for the prince were granted their claim for a judicial review.

Since moving to the States, Harry and Meghan Markle have relied on a private security firm to protect them.

In previous interviews, the couple have described the critical coverage they have received in the media as “toxic”.

Speaking at the time, the Home Office’s spokesperson said it would not comment on ongoing legal proceedings.

The spokesperson added: “The UK Government protective security system is rigorous and proportionate. It is our long-standing policy not to provide detailed information on those arrangements, as doing so could compromise their integrity and affect individuals’ security.”
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