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Civil War can be avoided
U.S. Civil War II can be avoided only if we Americans can make ourselves able to peaceably respect and consider views of our fellow citizens that are different from our own. We  live in this great country only because our founding fathers were able to do just that. Although they were not hampered as we are today by nearly as much intense partisan blather, they themselves managed most of their own very serious disagreements with each other. That is because these great men knew that their critically vital job of forming our government would be impossible without compromise. And they knew that compromise would never happen without their own unrelenting and civilized dialogue among themselves in the quest for it. Our great republic could not even have begun without compromise. Neither will it survive without it.
— David M. Bouchier, Long Beach
It’s hard to tell if we are on the brink of a real fight
What the America Democrats are creating now bears no resemblance to the one America’s founders created. And it offers no useful value to Americans living today and none to anyone in the future. Unlike the prolonged, agonizing prelude to the Civil War, which only extended America’s tragic experiment in slavery, getting the war over now would end the Democrats’ wrongheaded experiment with communism and stop yet another prolonged, agonizing American march to yet another dead-end conclusion. Hopefully, the war won’t be necessary. The certain-to-be-fierce 2024 election corruption will fail. And Trump and succeeding Republicans will restore America on its divinely inspired path. But if not, let the games begin.
— John LeRoy West, Pasadena
We could be headed in that direction for sure
The difference today is not the agreement on what is truth and what is a lie. It is that people now don’t care if it is the truth or a lie if it supports the unmitigated position they have, for whatever reason, staked out. Lie against lie, not truth seeking truth.
The media and politicians fan this by yelling fire in a crowded auditorium. Arguments supported by lies are often not resolved peacefully.
— Steve Hawes, Sunland
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