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Ian Poulter was once the darling of the European golf world.
Known as ‘The Postman’ for his ability to always deliver the points at the Ryder Cup, his inspiration as a team player far outstripped the 12 European and three PGA titles he won as an individual.
However, since joining the LIV series, some of those fervent supporters have gone by the wayside, some even jeering him at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews, and things don’t seem to have improved yet.
Initially banned by the DP World Tour from three events, including the Scottish Open, Poulter overturned that decision in the courts, eventually missing the cut at The Renaissance Club before finishing tied-62 at St. Andrews and tied-23 at last weekend’s Czech Masters.
Whilst that was his best finish since Abu Dhabi in January, the 46-year-old couldn’t wait to take to social media to show his annoyance at apparently being treated differently to other members of the tour.
His Twitter post briefly told us what he thought:
Thanks #CzechMasters and @PetrDedekDDreal you run and promote a great tournament. Congratulations.
Sorry I couldn’t post more videos as @DPWorldTour restricted us. Hope to come back to Czech Republic soon you guys have been amazing. pic.twitter.com/lmsVS14fd2
— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) August 21, 2022

However, on his Instagram story, Poulter went to town:
“I thought I was still a member of the DP World Tour but I guess they have other ideas,” he claimed, before continuing.
“Really sorry that I am unable to share any good TV clips of us from the @czechmastersofficial or any @dpworldtour tournament moving forward as @dpworldtour have denied us any footage that was freely available and they’d be happy to share on request in the past. We will do what we can to share content as we can. Sorry friends.”
“I thought I was still a member of the @dpworldtour but I guess they have other ideas. Well actually I am but I’m being treated very differently to a member. Sorry fans I hope we all have a resolve on this as soon as possible.”
This week, the DP World Tour hit back hard.
A spokesman for the ruling body told Bunkered.com that
“Based on the recent ruling by Sport Resolutions UK, Ian Poulter is permitted to play in tournaments on the DP World Tour and is at no competitive disadvantage in those appearances.
“However, his participation is not contingent upon him receiving any off-course benefits from the DP World Tour.”
Poulter seems to be playing on one reason given by Phil Mickelson for joining LIV at the start of the controversy. Back then, Mickelson said he wanted to instigate change in the way the PGA Tour handles media rights and the options offered to players.
The ‘freedom’ to play less golf, spend more time with family and the shotgun 54-hole starts were also offered as valid reasons for jumping ship.
As Mark Fox, of The Plugged Lie podcast, replied though:
The DP World Tour has restricted you? Have you read your contract? pic.twitter.com/4QsmsMjWl2
— Mark Fox (@ThePluggedLie) August 22, 2022

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Aug 24, 2022 at 7:03 am
Never cared for the guy very average player and a big mouth to not back it up.
Aug 23, 2022 at 3:33 pm
I thought that Ian went to NASCAR for approval of all of the branding logos all over his hats, shirts and golf bags.
Aug 23, 2022 at 10:39 am
“Known as ‘The Postman’ for his ability to always deliver the points at the Ryder Cup”
I’ve been on golf forums for the last 20 years – back to the original GC forum and 4GEA – and I’ve never once heard or read of him being called this.
Aug 23, 2022 at 9:11 am
A serial non winner with an irrelevant view on everything, do the world a favour and crawl back under your rock
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Earlier this month, Scott Fawcett, who is the founder of the DECADE Golf system that many professional golfers use, got in a Twitter dispute with Justin Thomas after criticizing the NBC broadcast team of Dan Hicks and Brad Faxon during Will Zalatoris’ win at the FedEx St. Jude Championship.
Fawcett, who was Zalatoris’ former mentor, felt that the broadcast had made negative remarks about Zalatoris’ putting stroke which took the attention off of his impressive victory. In response, he went off on an expletive-filled rant on his Twitter account.
After the fallout of the tweet, Zalatoris spoke out condemning Fawcett’s comments.
“Scott Fawcett is not a paid member of my team. I in no way condone or support anything that was said in those tweets. I personally reached out to Dan Hicks and Brad Faxon and echoed that I don’t condone what he said. Any interviews he’s given have been unauthorized.
He has tried to reach out to me and I have not spoken to him. I’m thankful to him for everything he helped me with in the ups and downs in junior golf but those statements are not a reflection of my values or me.”
On Monday night, Fawcett posted a YouTube video that further explains his feud with Brad Faxon and Justin Thomas (read what he says is the reason for his bad blood with Justin Thomas here.)
Fawcett starts the video by acknowledging that the words he used in his tweets were “out of line and offensive”. He also said the reason he made the video was not to “walk back what [he] said” but to “give the color of why I snapped so hard on Faxon”.
According to Fawcett, Faxon has been trying to “cancel [Fawcett] for years”.
The feud dates back to a video from “a couple of years ago” where Faxon says that a tap-in putt didn’t necessarily mean the first putt had “good speed” and he took exception with broadcasters consistently implying that notion.
Faxon said when he hit a good putt that didn’t go in, it would end up “past the hole enough where I had to mark it”. Fawcett was shown the video and said that he disagreed with Faxon’s opinion on what “good speed” meant.
Faxon allegedly replied to Fawcett’s comments by saying “so you think you can tell me how to putt?”
The exchange continued with a back-and-forth on Twitter that lasted a few days and ended with Fawcett bringing up the data proving that only a small percentage (16-23%) of Faxon’s putts ended up more than 31″ past the hole.

Faxon has often said that golfers shouldn’t focus on their statistics, and he has continuously dismissed the notion that players should record stats if they want to improve.

However, citing a tweet of Faxon’s from 2015 where he praised Mark Broadie for his statistical work, Fawcett accused Faxon of lacking “intellectual integrity” and that the tweet “shows he did like stats” and that “he’s only going out of his way to do what he does, simply to dunk on me.”

The feud seemingly has gone on for a few years and there doesn’t appear to be a reconciliation in sight.

The FedEx Cup Playoffs began with a bang a couple of weeks ago, with Will Zalatoris outlasting Sepp Straka in an engrossing finish to claim his first win on the PGA Tour.
While Zalatoris was delivering the goods down the stretch at the FedEx St. Jude Championship, a mini-storm broke out on social media involving Will’s ex-mentor Scott Fawcett, analyst Brad Faxon and Justin Thomas.
Taking exception to comments from Dan Hicks and Brad Faxon on NBC regarding Zalatoris’ putting stroke in Memphis, Fawcett blasted the duo on Twitter, causing Justin Thomas to weigh in and snap at the creator of DECADE Golf, calling his comments “egregious and aggressive.”

The fallout from the exchange caused Zalatoris to issue a statement where the 26-year-old condemned Fawcett’s actions, saying:
“Scott Fawcett is not a paid member of my team. I in no way condone or support anything that was said in those tweets. I personally reached out to Dan Hicks and Brad Faxon and echoed that I don’t condone what he said. Any interviews he’s given have been unauthorized.
“He has tried to reach out to me and I have not spoken to him. I’m thankful to him for everything he helped me with in the ups and downs in junior golf but those statements are not a reflection of my values or me.”
Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Fawcett has shed some light on the exchange, publishing a lengthy video with his view on what went down and why.
After explaining the history and bad blood between himself and Brad Faxon, Fawcett delved into why he believes Justin Thomas decided to chime in, alleging that it goes back to a feisty incident involving Fawcett and another pro from Q-School in 2019.
According to Fawcett, at TPC Craig Ranch three years ago he was on the bag for an unnamed player. On the second hole, his player snap hooked a drive, with his ball landing in an area where trash and debris had piled up following a microburst tornado that had hit the area a few days before.
While walking towards the ball, Fawcett explains how he stepped on a piece of wood containing a nail that ripped through his shoe and right into his foot. Understandably, needing some time to get himself together following the shock, the player and caddie took a few minutes before starting the search for the ball, at which stage Fawcett explains how “it appeared they’d been searching forever for the ball” in the view of the group behind them on the tee.
One player in the group behind began yelling from the tee, before hitting into them, and while walking down the fairway, the player shouted “cheaters” at the pair, alleges Fawcett.
Admitting that at this stage he snapped, Fawcett explains how “he went off on this guy,” saying he’d be about as embarrassed about what he was saying to the player as he was about what he tweeted to Hicks and Faxon.
“I wanted to ruin his day at this point” continues Fawcett saying the player’s actions were totally out of line.
The following day, Fawcett decided to time the entire round to prove that what happened on the second hole of the opening day “wasn’t an egregious thing” and to completely document the time in case this incident was ever brought up again.
Jumping ahead to last week, Fawcett appeared on The Loop podcast, where he was quoted as saying: “Find me a single tour player that has met me in person that says I’m not a good guy and does all I can to help them. Go find me one, I’ll give you $1 million.” A comment which provoked tour pro Tom Lovelady, the man who had the bust up with Fawcett that day at Q-School, to post a hand-up and wink emoji on social media reacting to the quote.
Saying that “he definitely hates me,”, Fawcett responded to the comment by telling him that he did offer to help him and do anything he could for him, which takes us back to TPC Craig Ranch.

In the parking lot on day two of 2019 Q-School, Fawcett allegedly apologized to Lovelady for what happened the previous day, an apology which Fawcett claims was not accepted.
Per Fawcett, Lovelady was Justin Thomas’ roommate at the time.
While breaking down Zalatoris’ statement condemning his tweets, Fawcett explained that he doesn’t condone his tweets either, saying it was a “hyperbolic joke that did not land” (citing the opening tweet, which says he’s joking) and revealed that he personally reached out to Dan Hicks by email to apologize to him and his family.
As for Faxon and JT? Fawcett said: “Faxon? Nu-uh, not going to apologize to him. JT? Definitely not going to apologize to him.”
Watch the video in full from Fawcett below.

Former world No. 1, Brooks Koepka, has had an interesting year.
The four-time major champion missed the cut in four of the five most important events — The Players, Masters, PGA, and the 150th Open Championship — and posted a best of 55th at the PGA Championship.
He’s also had the small matter of the controversy caused when deciding to join the LIV Series just weeks after saying he was “with the PGA Tour, it’s where I’m staying.”
Still, golf is “just” golf, and in his life outside the sport, Koepka has long been displaying his happiness in being alongside wife Jena Sims, who he met on the course at Augusta a few years ago.
After a 14 month engagement, the pair completed their nuptials in June, and since then there has been a steady flow of social media posts showing off the lavishness of the wedding day and beyond.
Probably best of all the photographs, though, has to be one that Koepka posted yesterday, hidden in a set of images on his popular Instagram page.
Amidst the photos in the pond, the guests and the usual guff, the 32-year-old is seen displaying the socks he wore during the ceremony – inspired by THAT leaked video at Kiawah Island.

Back then, Koepka was already involved in a public field with great rival Bryson DeChambeau.
With both taking shots at each other at every opportunity, the rivalry eventually led to a made-for-tv grudge game in November 2021, a contest that could have been stopped at the three-quarter mark, Koepka winning 4 and 3 in a 12-hole match at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.
Whilst they have both since joined the LIV organization, they are hardly bosom buddies, and it’s nice to know that despite all that has gone on between them, DeChambeau was somehow an inspiration at the wedding!
A post shared by Brooks Koepka (@bkoepka)

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