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It's important to know how to make a bed in Minecraft before night falls. That way, you have a safe refuge from aggressive mobs that only come out in the dark.

Information in this article applies to Minecraft on all platforms.
Before you can build a bed, you'll need to collect some wool from sheep:
Craft Shears. Arrange 2 Iron Ingots diagonally in the crafting grid.

To make Iron Ingots, smelt iron ore using a Furnace.
Find some sheep. Sheep can be found in most biomes, usually in clearings with few trees.

Collect 3 Wool. Equip your Shears and interact with a sheep to shear it. How you do this depends on your platform:
Sheep drop 1-3 wool with each shearing. After that, you must wait for them to graze for a little while before you can collect more wool. You can also get wool by killing sheep, but using Shears allows you to have an endless supply of wool from the same sheep.
Open a Crafting Table a place 3 Wool in the top row and 3 Wood Planks in the middle row to craft a Bed.
If you don't have a Crafting Table, make one using 4 Wood Planks of any type. You can craft Wood Planks out of Wood blocks.
Equip your bed and set it on the ground. Interact with it to go to sleep until morning. You can only sleep in a bed at nighttime.

If you try to sleep in a bed while in the Nether, it will explode. Only use beds in the Overworld.

All you need to make a bed is the following materials:
Sleeping in a bed allows you to skip through the night in Minecraft. Going to bed also resets your spawn point, or where you reappear if you’re killed. When you’re trying to cure a zombie villager, you can sleep in a bed to speed up the process.

If you fall from a great height and land on a bed, you'll bounce and take only half the damage as you would from a normal block.
To craft a bed of a different color, combine your wool with a dye, and then use the dyed wool to make your bed.
Make dyes by crafting or smelting certain materials or even by combining other colors:
A bunk bed isn't a normal item you make on your Crafting Table, but you can put one together with some creativity. One way is to make a U shape four blocks wide and two blocks tall, and then place a Bed in the middle. Then, destroy the blocks below the Bed, which will leave it hanging in mid-air. You can then place another Bed below that one to finish the bunk bed.
You can teleport to your bed using Minecraft's teleport Command. You may need to enable cheats for your world, but then you can usually open the chat box and enter /tp [Your Name] [X Y Z] where "X Y Z" are the coordinates of your bed.
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