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Ever tired when your coppers turn into weathered copper in Minecraft? Today, we will show you how to get Honeycomb in Minecraft fast and safe!
Honeycomb is a unique item dropped from the Bee Nest (or Beehive). So note that finding a Bee Nest or Beehive is the only way to get Honeycomb.
Bee Nests are naturally generated on any trees when the chunks are created. Depending on the biome, the chance will vary:
You can also generate bee nests yourself by planting trees over and over. If you plant an oak or birch sapling in the same Y coordinate within 2 blocks of any flowers, they will have a 5% chance to grow with a bee nest on it.
A beehive is another variation of a bee nest, which you can only obtain by crafting. Unless you’re playing on a server and borrow it from other players.
Bee nests or beehives usually contain 3 bees inside them. And they will collect the pollen daily if there are flowers near their nest. Each time the pollinated bee returns to its nest, the honey level of the nest will be increased by 1.
When the honey level of a bee nest or beehive reaches 5, you can see the honey start dripping from the nest. You can also press F3 to open the bug screen, then look at the bee nest block to check its honey level.
There are 3 ways to harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft. Let’s go through each of them!
You can use the Shears and right-click on a bee nest to harvest 3 honeycombs instantly. Doing so will anger the bees inside and they will attack you immediately. So wear your armor and prepare to run!
You can craft the Shears using 2 Iron Ingots with the recipe below. And you can get Iron by going mining or finding looting chests in generated structures.
Still using the Shears, but now you will need to place a fire source below the bee nest. This will not trigger the bees and you can harvest the honeycomb safely.
Fire sources include:
If you don’t have any item to create fire, you can use a Dispenser and place it right next to the bee nest. Then put a Shears in and trigger it with a Redstone signal. A lever is the simplest item to do this. After activating the Dispenser, 3 honeycombs will appear on the ground.
When you have the honeycomb, don’t use them on your coppers right away! Instead, craft a beehive using 6 planks and 3 honeycombs. This way, you can create a flexible bee nest that you can bring home with you for farming purposes later.
You can breed bees or lure them to your home using flowers. Or breaking the original bee nest with a Silk Touch tool and bringing it home. When you’ve stored enough bee nests and beehives, you can harvest a massive amount of honeycomb in a short time.
Above are 3 ways to get Honeycomb in Minecraft. Let’s wait for the bees to do their work and you can prevent your coppers from weathering and keep them at the state you want.


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