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How to get Beeswax in Minecraft: In Minecraft, beeswax, known for honeycombs, acquired from bee nests and beehives. The major component in the innovation of beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks. The  honeycombs used for wax copper blocks to prevent further oxidation. Whether players are getting them from natural bee nests or man-made beehives, you can acquire honeycombs for more or less the same.
Minecraft players who are trying to find natural bee nest will have to head to certain biomes. Many of these biomes have different spawning percentages for bee nests depending on the version of Minecraft that is running. These biomes and their chances are as follows:
The above percentages is about bee nests, and some of them are quite rare. It will likely take a good amount of searching in order to find one. However, the search made slightly is easy to keep an eye out for bees in addition to the nest itself. In Minecraft, bees are pretty hard to miss, as they are overly large compared to their real-world replicas.
Once players find a bee nest, they need to check if the nest has honey flowing from the block or not. If it does, players use shears to collect honeycombs from the nest. Remember, extracting honeycombs will upset the bees inside and make them hostile. Additionally, if a player has a tool with Silk Touch sorcery, they can take the entire nest itself. They can then place the block in another location.
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