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PETALING JAYA: Jeremy Dev has been a sports lover all his life – just like his best pal Sean Jayabalan. The two not only loved playing football and futsal, they loved coaching children just as much.
According to Jeremy, Sean talked endlessly of opening a futsal academy for children. And soon Jeremy found himself hooked as well, and agreed to go into partnership with Sean and another friend.
With the deal sealed, the three went right ahead and opened Far Post Academy in 2017. The academy trains children, some as young as three years old, every weekend so that they can develop their skills and become confident futsal players in later years.
“He was actually the one who was coaching children first and taught me how to coach them as well,” Jeremy said of Sean, who tragically passed away last year in an accident.
Although shattered by this devastating turn of events, Jeremy vowed to keep their dream alive. “I hope to continue this dream that we both shared and continue to impact these children’s lives by allowing them to explore their talents.”
He told FMT that when the academy first opened, he was still holding down a corporate job. But all that changed during the Covid-19 pandemic when the 32-year-old psychology graduate decided to focus full-time on coaching.
“I turned one of the rooms in my home into my own studio with fake grass, and began holding online classes where I would coach these children.
“I was coaching online every day, eagerly waiting for physical sports to be allowed again,” he shared, explaining that he took up futsal in college and began coaching at 18 years old.
At present, Jeremy’s life revolves around sports morning, noon and night – quite literally.
On weekdays Jeremy teaches physical education at a private school and coaches adults in futsal at night. And on weekends, he devotes his time to coaching children in futsal.
“I have a team of my own called One United where I am the coach as well as a player which does get a little confusing at times,” he laughed.
Despite still missing the company of Sean, Jeremy said he is more than willing to give his all to coaching the children at his academy.
A firm believer that success and achievements in life go beyond the classroom, he said it was his hope that through his academy, he is able to create a space where the young can explore their talents and grow into the sport.
“I hope to be able to make a larger impact on sports in the future. I want to be able to reach more children and help them to achieve their goals,” he said.
Visit Far Post Academy on their website for more details on how to register your children.
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