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Aug 23, 2022 | Editorial |
Americans are being offered expert advice on how to maintain healthy habits whilst gaming.
The games experts at reveal their top tips on how to stay healthy when spending extended periods of time online.
According to recently published data, online users in the United Kingdom were spending approximately 14 hours per week playing video games online.
Gaming for extended periods of time may cause adverse health effects, so implementing small changes into a routine can help to minimise any risks.
A spokesperson for said: “There is a negative stigma around playing video games and the effect that it has on our health. Although there may be some truth to this when playing for extended periods of time, gaming shouldn’t be labelled as a negative experience.
“Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated streamer, there are definitely things that can be implemented to stay safe and healthy when gaming throughout the week.”
“Video games are an enjoyable experience and can bring people together over a common interest. However, it is important to understand the effects of excessive use and learn ways to build and maintain healthy habits.
“Taking breaks, minimising blue light exposure and stretching are just a few ways gamers safe and healthy.”
Take frequent breaks
A quick five-minute walk around the house can help to keep blood circulating during a long gaming session. These breaks are a great opportunity to stay hydrated, make some food or take a toilet break as these things can become neglected when gaming.

Whether it’s a controller or a mouse and keyboard, many gamers could benefit from post-game stretching, similar to post-exercise stretching. Focus on the fingers, hand and wrist as these are the body parts likely to need stretching the most after gaming.
Minimise blue light
Gaming can put a strain on the eyes and similarly to our mobile devices this can be caused by the blue light emitted from a monitor. Blue light exposure can cause dry and irritated eyes but there are a couple of ways to prevent this. Some monitors and consoles will have a blue light filter mode that helps to limit the amount of blue light emitted. If this isn’t an option blue light-blocking glasses can help prevent visual discomfort.
Don’t skip sleep
One more game can quickly transcend into hours on end and before you know it you’re up until the early hours of the morning. Sleep is not only vital for mental and physical health but it’s also important for gaming too. Set a cut-off time before you start playing so you have a clear limit and ultimately avoid sleep deprivation.

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause aches, pains and muscular imbalances throughout the body. Try to avoid leaning forward or slouching down, as this can put a strain on the neck and back. Resting your forearms on a desk or your thighs can be a great alternative if you don’t have a chair with arms. 

Watch the snacks
It’s easy to reach for quick, easy snacks when gaming, especially when it’s not possible to pause proceedings during online matches. You can avoid temptation by eating a well-balanced meal before turning on the console or PC or making something more substantial during your scheduled breaks. specialise in helping people find and compare new casinos. They aim to review new casinos before the competitors and they place the safety of the consumer above all else.
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