EU fears ‘radical’ new UK leader will send relationship to new all-time low – Express

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British CEO Alan Jones of Yeo Messaging has lashed out in frustration at what he sees as the Government’s inability to grasp technological solutions to the Brexit deadlock. 
He believes a smart border managed and maintained through geo-fencing and blockchain technology could go a long way to easing trade tensions between London, Belfast and Brussels. 

Mr Jones told “The problem I have, I guess the problem that I believe is that you’ve got people that do not have the knowledge base and appreciation of technology making the decisions.
UK residents are being warned of driving charges if travelling to France. 

In January 2017, the French Government introduced “clean air” stickers as a legal requirement in many major cities.
The “Crit’Air” vignette is used to identify a petrol or diesel vehicle’s emissions levels and, in some cases, restrict access to improve air quality.
Chris Black, Commercial Director at LeasePlan UK, has warned UK drivers to check environmental rules before they drive in France.

He said: “Motorists are advised to read up on each country’s individual driving laws to ensure they don’t fall foul of little-known offences. 
“Many European countries have their own version of the UK’s Highway Code, and if drivers don’t adhere to this, they could find themselves being landed with fines of over £1,000. 


The European Policy Centre, a thinktank located in Brussels, has said Brexit has “permanently damaged” relations between the EU and UK. 
Analysts from the think tank, Emily Fitzpatrick and Fabian Zuleeg wrote: “In the short term, any reset of the EU-UK relationship is unlikely, particularly as the seemingly intractable question of the [protocol] remains open.”
Prime Minister candidate Liz Truss is currently planning to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol, which the EU has said would breach international law. 
The Foreign Secretary said: “The majority of people in Northern Ireland believe that the protocol needs to change.”
One EU diplomat said:  “If the UK government follows through with the plan already set out, I think it’s fair to say relations will get worse”.

Picture of the European Union flagThe European Union is set to replace passport stamps with a new system following Brexit. 
Tourists outside of the EU will have to submit a photograph and fingerprints in order to travel in Europe.

But experts have previously warned the new scheme could cause chaos and significant problems at the Eurotunnel where people are arriving in cars.
READ MOREPicture of British passport and finger being scannedThe number of British musicians booked for European music festivals is down 45% this summer, according to Best for Britain. 
The Government announced it had negotiated visa-free touring to over twenty European countries in 2021, but artists are saying that more needs to be done. 
Touring musicians are saying travelling is now too expensive due to equipment checks and lengthy delays at borders which have resulted in cancelled gigs.  
Chief executive for Music Managers, Anabella Coldrick, told Sky News that the Goverment needs to implement clearer guides to help struggling artists. 
She said: “A lot of the things we were worried about before Brexit around new bureaucracy, additional rules, additional costs have all come true, even though we were reassured by the government many, many times that that wasn’t going to happen.
“We’d like to see some really clear guidance. I think at the moment it’s so complicated to understand exactly what you have to do and what you don’t have to do. And it’s so easy to get tripped up and get fines and get into trouble and get delays.”

Rishi Sunak and his campaign have accused Tory leadership rival Liz Truss of “copying and pasting” post-Brexit policies. 
A Ready for Rishi campaigner said: “Not only are Team Truss copy and pasting policies put in place by Rishi himself, but they are also re-announcing two-year-old Government policies”. 
Ms Truss plans to introduce “full-fat freeports” which she claimed will axe “excessive” levels of existing red tape, has been criticised as a “copy and paste” of the work already done by the Brexit-backing former Chancellor.
READ MOREPicture of Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss64% of the UK’s top 100 restaurants are losing profits due to the pandemic, cost of living and Brexit according to new research. 
The research was conducted by the accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young. 
Peter Kubik, a partner with the accountancy firm, said those in the hospitality sector have fears over falls in customer spending.
He said: “It may be a case of ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’ for many UK restaurant groups. 
“They expected, and needed, higher consumer spending as we put Covid further behind us, but this spending is now likely to fall when it is needed most.”

Consumer rights advocate and financial journalist Martin Lewis has warned that phone networks are taking advantage of UK customers post-Brexit. 
Phone companies are no longer required to protect UK customers from roaming fees. They do not need to message customers informing them of the price when they begin roaming and there is no longer a cap on data roaming fees. 
Martin Lewis, who created the consumer website, said he has no faith in mobile companies to self-regulate.
He said: “When we left the EU, they promised not to reintroduce European roaming charges … yet most of the big networks have broken that promise,”
“So our report calls on Ofcom to not trust voluntary promises – we need to reintroduce the formal, compulsory consumer protections.”

Penny Mordaunt has been questioned over Tory candidate Liz Truss’ pledge to scrap all EU laws by the end of 2023. 
In a statement released in July, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “EU regulations hinder our businesses and this has to change.
Mrs Mordaunt told LBC that “She has a very methodical plan, and I think she’ll be ready Day 1 to push these things forward.
“What she said is the things that don’t work for us need to go. What she has committed to is doing the work.”
READ MOREPicture of Penny Mordaunt on LBC

Writing for the Daily Express, David Davis has lauded Rishi Sunak’s Brexit credentials backing him in the Tory leadership race.
Mr Davis wrote: “Contrary to what many might tell you, the global standing of the United Kingdom has risen since our vote to leave the European Union.”
He added: “So, we need a Prime Minister that believes in our country, backed and believes in Brexit. That is Rishi Sunak. He put his career on the line in the interest of doing what he believed to be right for the country.”

David Davis

Brexit may have harmed the edible insect industry, according to reporting by the BBC.
Experts have warned that if the world wants to solve climate change, it may have to start eating more bugs.
However, following Brexit, the selling of insects was reportedly banned, according to the BBC.
The Food Standards Agency has now said that it made a mistake and that edible insects should not have been banned.

Liz Truss is putting her career ambition first by pleasing the Conservative Party with the Northern Ireland Protocol bill rather than trying to solve the issue, an EU expert has revealed.
As the 160,000 Conservative members are casting their ballot to elect the new Prime Minister, Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss is “willing to sacrifice the stability in Northern Ireland” to please the Tory members and defeat rival Rishi Sunak, an EU member exposed.
Liz Truss, who is still serving as Foreign Secretary in Boris Johnson’s Government, has put forward a Northern Ireland Protocol bill supposedly designed to solve the political crisis in Northern Ireland.
An EU expert accused Liz Truss of leveraging the bill to tap into Conservatives’ anti-EU sentiment in a bid to get elected – at the expense of the Northern Irish people.

Liz Truss

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has launched a bid to allow motorists to drive lorries without the extra tests in an attempt to solve the HGV driver shortage.
Under EU rules, drivers were limited to vehicles under 3.5 tons. Mr Shapps believes that doing away with those rules could help sort out the shortage of lorry drivers.
A Government source told the Telegraph: “We are past the days when EU directives were handed down on tablets of stone, and we should be prepared to liberalise where we can, testing the necessity for maintaining driving restrictions that were once thought unnecessary in this country.
“Grant thinks we should have a fresh look at this, but of course this has to be done with due regard for safety.”
Lorry driver shortages have been adding to the supply chain issues – which have led to petrol shortages and empty shelves at supermarkets – currently facing many countries.

‘Brexit bonus’ plan could allow Britons to drive lorries without taking extra test

An immigration Minister has called on the French to do more to stop small boat Channel crossings.
Speaking on GB News Immigration minister Claire Pearsall said that some of it was “Brexit backlash” and urged the French to play their part in stopping the crossings.
The news comes following a leaked report which found that four out of 10 migrants hails from war-free Albania.

‘Some of this is a Brexit backlash, they don’t particularly like us, they haven’t liked us for many years as it is.’

Claire Pearsall discusses a report that found four in 10 Channel migrants are coming from Albania and calls on France to do more.

Former UKIP leader Henry Bolton, slammed “politicians and civil servants” for failing to exploit the opportunities offered by Brexit.
Mr Bolton claimed that politicians were failing to “exercise the determination, boldness and planning to exploit” huge opportunities in trade prosperity and security.

Brexit provides huge opportunities in trade prosperity & security. That British politicians & civil servants are failing to exercise the determination, boldness and planning to exploit those opportunities is not a result of Brexit, itu2019s a result of their failings. We need leaders

Brexiteer Nigel Farage has warned that the number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel will likely be “huge” if the fair weather continues.
The news comes as GB News reported that more than 1,400 people attempted to make the crossing last week.
The news comes after the Government’s Rwanda Plan was blocked by a last minute intervention on the part of the European court of human rights.

If the weather holds, the numbers this month will be huge.

Elon Musk has been urged to build his next gigafactory in the UK.
Ben Houchen, the Conservative Mayor for Tees Valley, said he would be far better suited to locate it here than in an EU country.
In a letter seen by The Telegraph, Mr Houchen wrote: “In the UK, where we have an £82billion automobile industry which leads the world in the production of high-end vehicles, it would surely make sense for Tesla to develop a serious presence, with Teesside being the best possible location to do this.”
Read more here.

The EU is accelerating its plans to ban a gas vital for the use of heat pumps amid pressure from climate activists.
Antony Ashkenaz reports: “New proposed plans aim to cut HFC use in EU industries down to a mere five percent by 2030, and experts have warned that the UK could follow suit. However, experts have warned that an accelerated ban on these gases could hamstring the rollout of heat pumps in the UK and EU.
“The fears of an HFC gas shortage have also worsened by the spike in demand for air conditioners following the record-breaking heatwave in Europe.
“Martyn Cooper, commercial manager at the UK’s Federation of Environmental Trade Associations, which represents heating and cooling companies, including the heat-pump industry, told the Telegraph: ‘The bottom line is there wouldn’t be enough f-gases to service existing equipment in the market, be they heat pumps or not.’”
Read more here.

Officials in Brussels are concerned that the next UK prime minister will offer no new solutions over the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol row and could, instead, be even more “radical”.
One EU diplomat told the Observer: “If the UK Government follows through with the plan already set out, I think it’s fair to say relations will get worse.”
Another added that the ongoing Tory leadership race was helping only to further “radicalise the candidates”.

British expats in Portugal have had their lives “paralysed and damaged” because of an inability to get post-Brexit residency cards from immigration authorities, it has been claimed.
Ellie Cook reports: “Representatives for British citizens in Portugal say that after the Brexit agreement came into force in January 2021, the Portuguese Border and Immigration Service (SEF) did not issue the correct WA biometric cards that UK nationals needed from that point onwards.
“Britons scrambling to get hold of this biometric card say they have only been issued with a QR code and a temporary document, which holds no weight as official documentation.
“Tig James, who heads up the British in Portugal campaign group, said UK nationals who settled in the Iberian country are facing deportation or arrest when attempting to cross over other EU borders.”
Read more here.

Yeo Messaging CEO Alan Jones has argued for a technological solution to solve the current row over the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Tim McNulty reports: “Mr Jones believes a smart border managed and maintained through geo-fencing and blockchain technology could go a long way to easing trade tensions between London, Belfast and Brussels.”
The businessman told “The problem I have, I guess the problem that I believe is that you’ve got people that do not have the knowledge base and appreciation of technology making the decisions…
“What I find is the politicians and the consultants that are involved are all getting too sidetracked with typically their politics and then they’re unable to stand back and actually view a technology solution for the true value of it, so to speak.”
Read more here.

The Government has been criticised over its “ill-conceived” Brexit deal which is “affecting the creativity and prosperity of our young musicians”.
The UK Trade and Business Commission has written to the Home Office on his it can ease Brexit red tape for the music industry.
Hilary Benn, the group’s Co-Convenor, said: “The Government’s ill-conceived Brexit deal should not be allowed to go on affecting the creativity and prosperity of our young musicians or the plans of British holidaymakers.
“Having taken evidence from experts, we have set out in a letter to the Home Office a number of practical steps that ministers could take to make things better.
“The choice facing them is to act now or sit on their hands and watch these problems continue.”

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is considering asking UK farmers to fund the creation of a border control post in France where checks can take place to allow livestock into the Single Market.
This could cost millions are reports suggest it is unlikely Brussels will fork out.
John Royle, Chief Livestock Adviser to the NFU, quoted in the Observer, said that “with a modest [UK] investment we could restart trade to the benefit of both British and European livestock producers”.
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