Dodgers News: MLB Experts Make a Head-Scratching LA Comparison – Sports Illustrated

It's no question the Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball despite losing to the Royals on Sunday night. Prior to their loss, the Dodgers won 12 games in a row and dominated winning each game by at-least two runs so it's only natural for the team to be compared to some interesting ideas. 
For the Dodgers to drop the ball this season and not win the World Series would be a shock with how they've been playing so far. All that matters is what you do in the postseason, despite many experts picking the Dodgers to win it all in the preseason.
The Dodgers found themselves in familiar territory this week finishing on top of the power rankings once again according to The Athletic's Zach Buchanan and Chad Jennings. The number one spot puts them right ahead of the Mets and three spots ahead of the Yankees who were second in last weeks rankings. 
The Dodgers being "scary good" warrants many comparisons, but no one could have thought of comparing the Dodgers to a snake walking with the help fo a robot.
Yes this robot is scary like the Dodgers have been this season, but with the return of Dodgers pitcher Dustin May, who recently added a new pitch to his arsenal, the snake known as the Dodgers are getting just a bit scarier (quotes via The Athletic).
"What's that? He's gotten even better at pitching over the last 16 months? And he'll join a rotation who has the best ERA in baseball? Hold on, I'm getting another news alert…GREAT NEWS! We have finally taught spiders to use knives!"
Robot snakes? Spiders with knives? Yep we have officially heard it all for a team so scary like the Dodgers. An already feared team will now look to get more scary with the addition of May so who knows what other comparisons they will draw next. 


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