Deaths during July heatwave higher on average than rest of month – Hull Live

The Office for National Statistics said it could be due to a “combination of factors, not just the increase in heat”
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Deaths that occurred during periods of very hot weather in July were higher on average than on other days in the month, new figures show. In England, 1,224 deaths took place on average each day from July 10 to 22, 23 to 25 and 30 to 31.
This was 7% higher than the daily average of 1,149 for the rest of the month. Deaths peaked at 1,775 on July 19 – the day that temperatures of 40C were recorded in the UK for the first time.
In Wales, an average of 83 deaths occurred on heat-period days last month, 12% higher than an average of 74 on other days. Deaths due to Covid-19 in Wales averaged four on heat-period days compared with three on other days.
The figures, which have been published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), also show that deaths due to Covid-19 in England averaged 60 on heat-period days in July compared with 46 on other days, a jump of 31%.
The UK endured several bouts of exceptionally hot weather last month, which saw temperature records tumble across the country and prompted the Met Office to issue its first ever red warning for extreme heat. There were three “heat periods” during the month, as defined by the UK Health Security Agency.
The first began on Sunday July 10 and ran to Friday July 22, which saw temperatures reach a new all-time high of 40.3C at Coningsby in Lincolnshire on July 19. The other periods ran from July 23 to 25 and July 30 to 31.
Deaths that occurred during these periods and which were above the average for the rest of the month “could be because of a combination of factors, not just the increase in heat,” the ONS said. It added: “Further investigation is required to understand this fully” and more analysis will be published “in due course”.


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