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If Homelander from The Boys and Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics ever fought, it would be an absolute slaughter for one of the superpowered heroes.
Contains spoilers for The Boys comic series.
If Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics and Homelander from The Boys ever got into a fight, it would be an absolute slaughter for one of the Supes: Carol Danvers. While Homelander is considered one of the most powerful superpowered beings in his universe, against Captain Marvel, the leader of the Seven wouldn't stand much of a chance, as the Marvel hero would destroy him without much effort.
Homelander is The Boys parody of Superman, but unlike the Man of Steel, the Supe is evil and uses his immense powers to keep the members of the Seven fearful of what he could do if he ever stepped out of line. With heat vision, superhuman strength, durability, speed, hearing, and X-Ray vision, Homelander is the worst-case scenario for Superman, albeit under the control of a corporation pretending he's Earth's mightiest hero. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, thanks to her human/Kree physiology, has several superhuman powers, with her most impressive ability being her power of energy manipulation and absorption. In a fight between the two characters from different universes, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Captain Marvel doesn't come out victorious.
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When it comes to a one-on-one fight between Homelander and Captain Marvel, the Marvel Comics hero's most significant advantage is her durability. In the comics, Captain Marvel has been able to take on blasts from Thanos and survive. Carol Danvers has also taken hits from some of the most powerful characters in existence, including her fellow Avengers, Nuclear Man, Hulk, and more. Yet, time and time again, she withstands them thanks to her powers. Meanwhile, Homelander doesn't have a character on his level in The Boys comics except for Black Noir, who brutally kills the hero when he's fully unleashed. All of his greatest battles are made up as PR. To settle things beyond any doubt, Homelanders creators confirm that a nuclear bomb would easily kill him, while Marvel lore states Captain Marvel wouldn't just survive such a blast, but turn it into her own power.
Carol Danvers has the advantage in a fight over Homelander not just when it comes to durability but when it comes to combat speed, strength, endurance, and just about every measurable category. A key weakness of The Boys' Supe is his emotional invulnerability, one of his biggest flaws. Homelander loses control easily, and because of this, his fighting skills and strength lose focus. Homelander's misogyny means he'd likely be especially enraged by being hurt by a female hero, making him erratic while Carol's extensive experience and military training meaning she's always at the top of her game. Maybe against the real Superman, she would show signs of struggle, but against his emotional man-child knock-off, Carol would swat her opponent like a bug.
Homelander would be even more trouble against Captain Marvel against her most powerful form. If she went Binary against The Boys' Supe, Homelander would be unable to withstand her full cosmic power. They'd be on two completely different power levels. It's not entirely clear whether Homelander can survive in space, as he doesn't have the same alien physiology as Superman, while Binary is both comfortable and experienced in a cosmic battleground.
Ultimately, imagining an outcome that doesn't heavily favor Captain Marvel is nearly impossible. That's not to say he isn't a powerhouse, but against Carol Danvers, it would be a bloodbath. Captain Marvel is an incredibly experienced combatant who's willing to kill her opponents, boasts cosmic-level powers, has a god-tier extra form she adopts against the toughest opponents, and is specifically able to absorb and rechannel the energy of otherwise devastating attacks. Nobody in The Boys universe is more powerful than Captain Marvel or could take on her vast array of cosmic powers – Homelander included.
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