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The viral sensation Wordle is a browser-based puzzle game that pits players against a new mystery five-letter English word once a day.
Wordle is back with a brand-new puzzle of the day for August 2, 2022. Today's puzzle is probably one of the most challenging of recent words, and players new and old will probably want a few hints to help themselves out.
Wordle is an easy-to-learn, browser-based title on the New York Times Games site. This simple game can be played from just about any device that connects to the internet, and it is currently free-to-play and doesn't require a login. Players should use the same device and browser every day to help the game keep tabs on their stats like winning streak, total puzzles played, and more.
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In order to play, first head to the NYTs Games site and look for Wordle. Next, choose a starting word. It should be five-letters long, a real English word, not a proper noun, and should contain several commonly used letters in Wordle puzzles. Type this chosen starting word into the site and press enter. This will cause the letters to change colors. Here is what those colors mean:
Given these clues, players will need to try new words and see the letters of each new word change until they either run out of tries or guess the correct word. Puzzles reset every day at 12:00AM local time, meaning there is only one puzzle per day. Since this might not be enough for some puzzle enthusiasts, they can search out some of the many copycats and clones out there, like the Fortnite-themed version of Wordle called Fortle.
Since today's word is such a big challenge, Wordle fans may want a few hints without the whole thing being spoiled. If so, check below. This should be enough hints to help everyone get to the answer.
Still looking for the five-letter word for today? Check below the image for the full spoiler of the day.
The answer to Wordle puzzle 409 is COYLY.
Wordle is available for any browser.
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