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With the component crisis, the MacBook Air M1 is sometimes difficult to find in stock. On the official Apple website and in its stores, the model is currently selling for 1,199 euros.
If you want to save money on this model, you will have to buy it via Darty. The official retailer offers a double discount: 100 euros of immediate reduction and 120 euros in the form of a bonus for the recovery of an old model (in addition to the amount of the normal recovery of the latter). In the end, the MacBook Air M1 will therefore cost you 979 euros instead of 1,199, or about 20% cheaper.
Buy the MacBook Air M1
I take advantage of the trade-in offer
If you decide to take advantage of this special offer at Darty, you will be entitled to all the official advantages of the apple brand. This includes a 2-year product warranty. You can also purchase optional additional insurance. Note that Darty also offers you a mandatory right of withdrawal of 14 days) after delivery of the product.
But since good news never comes alone, you can also enjoy a discount on Microsoft Office 2021 if you pick up the MacBook Air M1. This office suite sees its price drop by 50 euros (99 euros instead of 149 euros) if you buy the computer from Darty. In the end, you can combine the MacBook with Office 2021 to have an ideal computer for working / studying.
A few years ago, Apple decided to separate from its historical partner Intel to create its own processors. The M1 chip (Apple Silicon) is its first in-house processor and it has shaken all the competition. Its performance is up to 3.5 times higher than that of Intel processors. The graphics processor is up to 5 times faster. Beneath its sleek looks, the MacBook Air M1 is a powerhouse.
With such a processor, Apple has also succeeded in optimizing the autonomy of the product. This is an essential point for a computer that wants to be portable. Officially, the MacBook Air M1 provides 18 hours of video, 15 hours of web browsing (in Wi-Fi) and up to 20 hours of battery life in general-purpose use. In our MacBook test, battery life was slightly lower, but still clearly excellent. MacBooks have always been known for their endurance, it’s once again validated here.
Buy the MacBook Air M1
Like all computers from Apple, what will strike you is that beautiful 13.3-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600. The graphics are crisp and the reading is very pleasant. The True Tone system adapts to the outside light for maximum comfort. The famous Magic Keyboard (keyboard) has backlit keys with an ambient light sensor: practical for working in a dark environment. Touch ID is also available.
In terms of connectivity, Apple has significantly simplified its use with the Thunderbolt port. The latter combines data transfer, video output and power supply with a single connector. In the end, therefore, you can do almost everything with this port. By default, this MacBook Air M1 also comes with the macOS operating system (Big Sur, which you can then upgrade to Monterey).
Obtaining the immediate reduction on the Darty site is instantaneous. On the other hand, to validate the recovery bonus of 120 euros, it will be necessary to be one of the first 1,800 people who will have requested it. You can find all the details on the merchant site. Remember that this trade-in bonus comes in addition to the default trade-in amount for your old computer. This can also allow you to touch a few hundred euros more.
For the start of the school year and its “Back to School” operation, Darty is putting on a big spread. The merchant site knows that the return of inflation penalizes the French budget. It therefore makes efforts on many essential high-tech products (especially for students) with attractive prices. This is the case for example on this MacBook Air M1, the price of which can drop quite significantly. There are other models of computers and smartphones at favorable rates.
Of course, a MacBook Air M1 is a premium product in the computer segment. That said, its value for money is convincing – and it is even more so with the discount displayed by Darty. In the end, given the fact that you will be able to keep it between 5 and 10 years, this MacBook can quite easily be amortized. It is the choice of comfort but also of reliability. And if needed, you can always get help by going to an official Apple Store.
To buy your MacBook Air M1, it’s here:
Buy the MacBook Air M1
I take advantage of the trade-in offer
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