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Here’s how the specs of the new iPhone SE 2022 compare with those of Apple’s other budget handsets.
Andrew Lanxon
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The 2022 iPhone SE is the latest addition to Apple’s lineup of smaller, more affordable phones. Launched during the company’s Peek Performance event, the phone packs the same A15 Bionic chip found in Apple’s iPhone 13, along with superfast 5G connectivity. But with the previous iPhone SE still available, along with the older iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Mini, which cheap iPhone is best? Here’s how the specs compare.
The 2022 iPhone SE is almost identical to the previous iPhone SE. Its size, weight and overall look haven’t changed at all, it still has a fingerprint scanner in the home button and the same 12-megapixel rear camera. The big upgrades are the new processor, Apple says allows for better computational photography, and that 5G connectivity for superfast downloads. Apple has replaced the previous iPhone SE, so if you’re looking for the cheapest iPhone around, the 2022 iPhone SE is the one for you.
The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 11 both pack multiple rear cameras, but only the 12 Mini has 5G, and neither phone will be as fast with the latest games as the A15-equipped iPhone SE.  
We’re excited to get the new iPhone SE into our hands for testing, but for now, check out the chart below to see how all the specs compare.


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